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Taken on same walkabout

Posted by danudin on December 21, 2010

Some other shots that I got that same day, only going to comment on the last as I thought that you could use some advice on keeping Snow out of the house.


6 Responses to “Taken on same walkabout”

  1. jackscrap said

    Love that green machine, only gets taken out on sunny Sundays..Isn’t it amazing how many seagulls pretend to have only one leg? Snow looks miffed.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    I love the pics of the sail boats…especially the one w/ the colored sail w/ all of those white sails…just beautiful! It must have been windy that day the way those gulls are hiding their heads! So, all I have to do is shut the gate and the Snow will be gone – man, I wish you would have told me that earlier! 🙂

  3. Eleanor said

    Are you trying to make us jealous?? Such nice shots-you’d better be careful or you might have some Yanks coming to enjoy your warm weather and escape the cold!

  4. regularman said

    Love the bike Ron!

  5. My favorite shot is the sailboat shot. All those vertical lines are great. A close runner-up is the man and boy on bicycles.

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