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Fill Your Frame, You @^$&%8%6(*#2 (apologies to Rooster Cogburn)

Posted by danudin on February 28, 2010

Was out looking for Tsunami’s yoday, didn’t see one so I thought I would snap some more of that Noxious Weed Lantana. This one caught my eye primarily cause it must be new and only one of it’s blooms has changed colour which is unique to my limited experience, which made it special. In the larger shot the fence tubes are about a half inch in thickness so this was a good way of showing how close I had to get to fill my Frame.


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Brisbane CBD Buildings

Posted by danudin on February 28, 2010

Here are a couple of interesting shots I took when list in Brisbane, both are about perspective as well as just the architecture, I took a number of shots at 300, but to my mind this is far and away the best, as it shows the soaring nature of modern buildings. I am not sure but I think that the first shot is of a Office Block not a Residential block, If so the have a managment team with real imagination. If the angle seems a little odd, it was due to the Sun’s Reflection on the top floors, but again as it was forced on me I was pleasantly surprised, at this perspective.

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Last Landscape shots from the Parklands

Posted by danudin on February 27, 2010

These are the last two shots of those that I recovered (with help) Both have been subjected to Jeffs Pseudo HDR effect but you know I like that effect as it fulfills the lack of artistic ability in me, and represents my best efforts at art.

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Last Denizen of the Parklands

Posted by danudin on February 27, 2010

The first shot is an individual portrait of the Water Dragon that was so appreciative, of Karen’s help at recovering my shots after the card failure. The second is a Grass Tree, with it’s Blackened centre spike proudly displayed. This plant screams Australia to me as I have seen them in every state I have visited, although this one seems to be in a more urban environment than I am used to seeing them in. They are outstanding out in the bush where not being surrounded by other foliage, they stand out proudly and being the biggest undergrowth in otherwise barren areas, they are so important to native wildlife.

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Music in the Parklands

Posted by danudin on February 26, 2010

One of the really nice surprises I got when I visited the Roma St Parklands a few weeks ago was to be directed to this intriguing, musical instrument, by a lovely lady in the information booth.

It is a water harp which is operated by pressing the silver button in the stone shown in the first photo which allows some water to gather in the concave hollw in front of it. The water slowly drains out of the hollow,while you listen to the sound pipe protruding from the bottom centre of the notice board, and I swear that the sound isĀ  genuinely like that od a harp, but somewhat surreal and oh so calming that it just has to be Japanese.

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Ron Goes Batty #4

Posted by danudin on February 25, 2010

Finally a couple of shots that show the Fruit Bat as he appears in board daylight, this is the end of this little experiment, but I have taken advice on settings for photographing them at night, if they pan out expect some more shots but not for a while. To give you a size reference I was about 40 or 50 yards from these last two when I snapped them.

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Ron Goes Batty #3

Posted by danudin on February 25, 2010

The first of these shots show how the Flying Foxes s[end thier day, hanging around festooned throughout the trees of the Bptanic Garden, where they squabble and squark among themselves, and disputing tree space with the hord of Sacred Ibis, which also want to claim this area. The second shot is a bit out of focus but does show the Fox Like Features of these fascinating creatures. If you look closely I guess there are around 100 + or – fruit bats resting in the first photo

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Ron Goes Batty #2

Posted by danudin on February 25, 2010

The first three of these shots show some of thier number heading out at dusk, heading westward to raid any of fruit trees in this area and heavens knows how much further. Again I was disappointed in not getting any clear shots, but I the lowering light they were just to fast for my camera (and me) so I went back yesterday, during daylighrt and had another go. That is to come when wordpress isn’t having it’s current hassles.

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Ron Goes Batty

Posted by danudin on February 25, 2010

Aftaid it it is Ron Bores the Photowalkers time again. I got so disappointed at the results of my Fruitbat shots at home the other day, I thought that, I could get some better shots if I went to thier home, (There are around 10,000 living in the trees of the Redcliffe Botanic garden), Again it was less than the success I had hoped for but I did get a few interesting shots. I am posting two at a time as I have found that when I post four at once the bottom two don’t seem to enlarge.as was the case on the 19th with the four shots taken at the Roma st Parklands.. So bear with me I am learning.

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A few more local Attractions.

Posted by danudin on February 24, 2010

Here are a couple of shots of the waters around my suburb, admittedly one is a Pseudo HDR, which even if it is a bit over processed, is a way for me to create a painting, which I could never do with brush and canvas Hope you enjoy and are enticed to come and visit.

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