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Themed Photographs 2010


I enjoyed the 365 of 2009 Challenge  and 2010’s VPW although I veered off course to some extent, I just have to keep the wonderful contacts I made, and hopefully make heaps more. So let’s all get down to enjoying the 365 Challenge in 2011 that Karen and Tammy have been so kind as to arrange for us.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. danudin said

    Amateur Photographer from Australia

  2. Sheila said

    Happy New Year Down Under Ron!

  3. Hello Ron,

    I am looking forward to being in the D group for a while but may find it necessary to reread the rules for the VW. You know like the stuff about you having to “guess” my theme and then I come over and you are talking about shutter speeds, focal lengths, and all that other that I don’t know much about. At my age the eyes aren’t sure about what color I am seeing.
    All the above require planning and thinking!

    Don’t do much Wild Turkey but enjoy a margarita and sip of wine (Australian) from time to time.
    And that’s where my first post comes in. Sitting on the deck, enjoying the view, and then just “point and shoot”. Canon SD1100

    And now I am seeing all these wonderful blog sites. You have a really neat site and I am envious of it. Still trying to learn blogspot and notice most are wordpress. Maybe I started on the wrong one.

    All that to say hello and thanks for your comments and hoping to learn from this group.


    • danudin said

      “Rules, Rules We don’t need no stinkin Badges” (Blazing Saddles quote!) Hey John I make things up, as I go alomg so don’t [ay me no Never Mind!, If you go back over the 2009 challenge, you will se I rarely went into the techo stuff, (Don’t know enough about it to do that). The reason for the Meta Data stuff was me showing off, as I had stumbled on the method I used, for the BLUE Moon (By accident when trying to learn how to shoot fireworls and kept schtum about it as I knew that there was a Blue Moon due on Dec 31 and I planned to use it. with regard to your P&S Get it off auto and you should find the settings so frustrating that you hair will turn Gray (If you are bald like me your scalp will discolour), but it is still there and makes photography more enjoyable, as I said mistakes is how I learn, and pgotography usually brings out a few a day for me. Don’t forget though we are the DYNAMIC Gtoup, not group D.

  4. jackscrap said

    Ron I take it that you don’t follow the ‘themes for the month’ or perhaps you do and they’re hidden within your photos somewhere…
    Please explain…..Jacki

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