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Accepting Decay

Posted by danudin on June 30, 2010

Karen has always hounded me to provide a self portrait!

Well this is pretty close, it has all the attributes that make me ME!

Yes it is getting on a bit, It has been hard worn by time!

There are two parts to it, One out in the open and the other hidden in the dark!

The world around it has shaped it into what it is today and

you can’t help but think “I bet it has some stories to tell!”

For me driftwood has always had a certain “Je ne sais pas”

So even Karen must admit the similarity of this to me!

cause it’s



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3 Views Deception Bay in Goldern Light

Posted by danudin on June 29, 2010

After several comments that I was becoming too verbose in some of my posts, I carried out a trial with minimal comment. I waited a month after withdrawing from the discussion groups so that that would not cloud my observations. Well I am sorry but the words are coming back, as it appears to me that the views are fairly static on my posts but the comments really do come down on the side of posts where I spin a bit of a story, to go with the photos.

The Wolf shots in point, apart from the faithful (Thank You) the comments on the straight shots were sparce indeed. So these are the last of the minimal comment shots from Danudin, ENJOY!

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The Abbey and Museum

Posted by danudin on June 28, 2010

For those of you who have been following my Wolf (Thing) shots today is revelation day!

The character is called “Half Breed” a Warrior Wolf Demon which Sally’s Grandson Bill wanted son Photos of.

We wanted to find the right setting and opted for a trial at The Abbey” and Museum. When we arrived we were asked by the Pastor

to not include the Abbey Church in the shots as it was consecrated ground and of course we complied!

Don’t get me wrong the whole staff of the Abbey were positive for our activities and even the Pastor went to get his P&S to record the day!

We were even invited into the Museum proper where all the interior shots were staged, such a warm friendly bunch!

Maybe the pastor knew his stuff as that last shot could have fried Bill if it was shot on consecrated ground. A Good ha;f day shoot!

These shots show the Abbey as it stands and please note not a wolf in sight!

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U3A University of the Third Age

Posted by danudin on June 27, 2010

Pictorial record of Creative Writing Course’s Booklaunch!

You have often heard me mention U3A, it is a wonderful organization

originally set up to help keep those of us with greying hair from

atrophying in the Grey Matter Department! Funding has meant that

government and regulation, are playing an increasing part changing

it’s roots somewhat!

Being totally Volunteer in nature it is wonderful when I can mention a

unique innovation that  took root and flourished.  This has occured

in the Creative Writing Group set up-lead by Jean Gillespie (above).

The Group’s works were so positive that they made the decision

to publish “Silver Threads” (left) a collection of original works by the Group Members.  The launch of this book was significant enough to draw one of Redcliffe’s really colourful characters, “The Culture Vulture” Richard Lancaster out to officiate at the Ceremony.  Richard (right) himself a journalist in his own right (amongst other dubious talents – Raconteur,Sales etc.) has no direct connection with the group other than admiration. He did however live up to his appearance by getting all the authors present to sign the copy of the book presented to him for his services.

Value Adding is something all Pirates understand – wonder where his Parrot is?

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Todays Guest Photographer – Sally

Posted by danudin on June 26, 2010

Abso-bloody-lutely unprepared for her 15 seconds of fame I would love to introduse Sally who took these snaps of her beloved Grandson Adam and his gorgeous nephew Joshua during her recent trip to Sydney. The photos were taken on her new mobile phone and represents about the fifth photo I know she has taken, from a newbie I find these excellent.  Adam has appeared previously in my blog you can see that shot HERE! when he had other playmates!

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Real Nature Revealed

Posted by danudin on June 26, 2010

Took this to show timelessness!

I forgot the flash at first,

This accident is one of my best shots to date!

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He’s in the Keep!

Posted by danudin on June 25, 2010

He may be domesticated,

although confortable in the company of warriors!

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Hey he is crossing the Moat

Posted by danudin on June 24, 2010

Where is he heading now?

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Penny for Your Thoughts

Posted by danudin on June 23, 2010

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The last of the Newport Boats

Posted by danudin on June 23, 2010

Notwithstanding that the boats look beautiful moored in the Newport waterways, they really were intended to be out on open waters, if I owned one and had a watertight casing for my camera, you would be inundated with on board shots. Reality is different though all I can do is snap away and apply my pseudo HDR effect to any likely shot.

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