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Alas the year is ended!

Posted by danudin on January 8, 2011

Still want to see my shots? Try Here RON’s 2011 Site

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Out with the Old

Posted by danudin on December 31, 2010

This post empties out my holding folder for 2010, I will start filling it up again TOMORROW. Those who like to rag me may see an indication of things to come here, but as the song says “It ain’t necessarily so!” I have great affection and appreciation for all the bloggers who visited here and who I visited. This post however is dedicated to one in Particular, who has opted not to join the challenge in the new year but whom I hope is still going to hang around, to check that Boomer and Jinxy don’t stretch their themes too much.


Gerbera - Sally's Favourite Flower She isn't sure of the Warhol Effect though!


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Penultimate Post 2010

Posted by danudin on December 30, 2010

One day to go, not many images left to post, so driftwood and a chance shot of the moon through a gap in the clouds seems so appropriate.

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Sea Shots

Posted by danudin on December 29, 2010

Some sea shots from around Redcliffe Peninsula, for the Landlocked plains people.

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New Year Bonus

Posted by danudin on December 28, 2010

Some more colour to ward off the Winter Chills.

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Bunya and some beasts etc

Posted by danudin on December 28, 2010

Cleaning out the last of the Bunya shots before the New Year!

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Possible Snow for Queensland

Posted by danudin on December 27, 2010

I got worried by the amount of Snow you people up North are getting so I went out and sprinkled Anti Snow Dust, Like I do with the Anti Elephant Dust (It works No Elephants for years) and just look what happened to the Anti Snow Dust!
















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Bunya Bush

Posted by danudin on December 27, 2010

My trip to this Nature Reserve was primarily to take photos, however the more I wandered around this clump of Bush I felt my batteries recharging themselves. I kept on taking shots but mainly I was soaking up the Eucalyptus tang in the air the sounds of all the Aussie birds living wild and free. I guess that this is what being an Aussie means. I didn’t know I was down until being in the Bush lifted me up, the last image here says it all, why would that leaf need to be purple, none of the oters were? It was cause it needed to be. Expect more of these bush shots in 2011.

I thought that you Snow Bound friends could do with looking at the green, Open a bottle of eucalyptus oil and you can pretend you are there!

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Bunya Nature Park

Posted by danudin on December 26, 2010

Went for my first visit to the Bunya Nature park a week or so ago and this was the welcome committee, there were a group of around20 Kookaburras singing thier hearts out, most were not in a position to photograph well, but I think this guy was just checking me out – Up Close

If you would like to hear this uniquely Australian Bird go HERE and read down to Family Life and click onto the link marked “this is what a kookaburra sounds like“, a little quiet but nice and long. It will also explain why they are known as laughing Jackasses and why that sound can be most annoying to a golfer who has just duffed a shot.  I swear the birds know they really do.

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Experimenting with Favourites

Posted by danudin on December 25, 2010

Over the last few years I have tried my hand at Painterly Effects on Photos using Jeff Perry’s Psuedo HDR Effect, but have had generally negative reactions to it, Primarily from Boomer and Sally. I however like the look (Even of the garish ones). I have left them alone for quite a while now, just learned how to use Karen B’s Layers Technique, which ellicited a snide remark, warning the world of what I was doing. Never one to let sleeping dog’s lie, after some experimentation, I decided to try and meld the two Niches.

Below are two sets of images, showing; 1. Normal Image Processing: 2. Psuedo HDR Effect, 3 The two Blended using Karen’s Layer Technique. The first was virtually my first attempt at this technique, but I like the end result. The second set was a little better thought out and I am fairly proud of the result.

These shots were to start with quite good action. When I applied the HDR effect I thought the seas looked wonderfu, and like I remembered seeing them. Although the rock colours became extreme I did see some glimpse of the textures they held, so I decreased contrast by layering both images.

To my mind this is a good example of blending the reality with the paintly effect that the HDR brings out. I relly like the finished product.

Sally and I Wish all our Virtual Photowalk and Elements Village friends a Safe but Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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