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More Dog Park Denizens.

Posted by danudin on March 31, 2010

Inadvertently I have lost the bit of paper that I had the dog’s names on, so cam’t introduce you properly, but this scottie dog is the close friend of one of the most talented Border Collies I can imagine. I was super impressed when I saw her carrying the Frizby and a stick, buy her owner threw a few more sticks in the wate and Voila, shot three. The fourth photo shows her setting up to grab one of the sticks in the water.


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Focus point

Posted by danudin on March 30, 2010

Whilst in Noosa I encountered this rock, nice enough texture on the surface but nothing otherwise significant about it, oh exceprt it had a bloody big hole going right through it. Loved how changing the focus, blurred or sharpened certain elements. Don’t know why it had a hole and can only guess that as it was by the river, it was for tying up boats.

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Catarpillar Tracks (revisited)

Posted by danudin on March 28, 2010

Pleasantly surprised by the response I got from this morning’s posts of the Cat Tracks. I chose that one as it seemed middle of the road, that everyone seems drawn to. My personal favourite is the second one here with the sun at my back, primarily due to the texture that just doesn’t quit. The first one into the Sun really shows the contrast of the footprints against the rust, but maybe too much, whereas the one posted this morning was a statement in it self by just showing the one footprint. Any Critique/Criticism welcome.

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Noosa Construction site

Posted by danudin on March 28, 2010

Maintaining the convivitality of the Noosa area doesn’t just happen, sometimes large machinery is needed, there was something Mammoth about these cranes which was reinforced when I saw the wonderful, rust patina on the treads of the large crane, which gave me rise to think of Big Foot then when I was about to shoot the second shot, I noticed the operators footprints, on the rust, furtherreinforcing my thought.

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Noosa River Estate.

Posted by danudin on March 27, 2010

Overcast skies and drizzling rain greeted us on our arrival at Noosa this time. So for those of you who always complain about my Blue Sky shots I thought I would go out and get some shots that show off this area in a bad light. I think however that I failed in this endeavour as even though the rain drops are readily visible on the water surface, the Lakes estate still appears gorgeous, to my eye. BTW I was wearing shorts, a short sleeve shirt and only carried the umbrella to protect the camera.

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Noosa Aerial View

Posted by danudin on March 27, 2010

Photographed this sign, by the river at Noosaville, as I thought it would be a good way of giving you all a glimpse of my favourite oliday area, without the expense or terror that chartering a plane of my own would incur.

I have circled the area where we stay and labelled it Dog Park & Motel, (which has not appeared on the end shot РMy Bad. It is located just below and to the left of the words Noosa River) but you may have to enlarge it to see.  At least this gives a great  overview of why the area is so appealing for a Photographer, Fisherman, Family on holidays.

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Ridgeback, Stick – Run Pan Click Click Click

Posted by danudin on March 26, 2010

Far and away my favourite spot at noosa is the Dog Park which was always bustling while we were there. I was lucky enough to spot this young Ridgeback, with the World’s Third largest Stick running laps around the park. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to try some panning and I struck Gold. These five consecutive shots really tell the pups speed and the distance he has covered, but the fun stopped when he nearly run into wolf, the 65 kilogram boss of the park, that could have ended in disaster for stick carrying doggies. Soon all was back to normal.

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Brahminy Kite (Red Backed Sea Eagle)

Posted by danudin on March 25, 2010

If ever you contemplate a visit to Australia, I strongly suggest a Visit to the Noosa area. We stay at noosaville and these two shots were taken just in frony of our Motel which I have featured before, in a tree in the dog park I have enthused about previously. When I took these two shots, I thought my North American friends may be interested in these shots.

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The Office (The Other Side)(Port)

Posted by danudin on March 25, 2010

Yhought I would show a more conventional shot, which somehow for me wasn’t quite as pleasing as yesterday’s post.

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Had a few days off – Now back to work

Posted by danudin on March 24, 2010

If one has to get back to the office, I can think of none better than the one I found when wandering around my Favourite, holiday escape Noosa (Noosaville/Terwantin) can anyone come up with a better Office than the one I found?

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