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Approaching Storm – Enlarge for best results.

Posted by danudin on December 22, 2010

The other day We had a series of Thunderstorms and on the second day I could see it coming just before dusk so I set up to try and get some lightning shots. I did later but am still working on them as my luck was out in that I only got a few with lightning in them. However prior to the storm hitting, I got fascinated by the play of the setting sunlight on the roiling clouds. Sorry for the number but have a look ay as many as you can as the colours took my breath away. I don;t think even Boomer would want to do any of these, in B&W Vive la coloure!

Coincidentaly, while shooting these cloud shots I noticed a plane flying towards the clouds and snapped three shots as it headed South East. Rather than show the three shots I thought that I would follow Karen Brockney;s tutorial on merging Layers HERE and that required me to use Karen’s  Adding Layer masks technique HERE as I only have PSE7. Karen the invoice for this Ad is in the mail.


19 Responses to “Approaching Storm – Enlarge for best results.”

  1. Sheila said

    Ron – love these ~~ The colors, the textures and the shapes are wonderful! It looks like a huge storm moving in.

  2. lsvejda said

    What a breathtaking series of pictures. The vibrant colors and textures add to the otherworldly feeling of the approaching storm. The merged plane image is fantastic.

  3. jackscrap said

    The sky shots are awesome Ron, our weather downunder is somewhat confused of late, just a few hours away from me they’ve had snow!

    • danudin said

      Melbourne Deserves it LOL. Don’t worry it is normal generally the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race coincides with snow on Hobarts Surround mountains, and that is only a hoot and a holler from Batman’s town! again LOL

  4. 4myskin said

    Wow…simply wow! Those colors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  5. Mike said

    Ron, not even I would turn these into B+W. These are some of your best shots EVER. And yes you may be slightly smarter now that you’ve used those layers and such……Look out world, here comes Ron!

  6. Ellen said

    These are so fine indeed! I love Mike’s comment. Layers and using masks on them can change your world 😉

  7. Madelaine said

    These shots and colors are incredible! B & W is banished from this series!

  8. Tammy McChesney said

    All are absolutely Heavenly….breathtakingly Heavenly! Awesome work on your merged image, now I may have to try that since I am so impressed by yours!

  9. Jo said

    Stunning…you were right to keep them in colour! I can see all sorts of pictures in each one, though that just be me…The last one makes me think of a movie shot..a closing scene..not sure why!

  10. Clouds at sunset are some of the best pictures and theses are some great captures.

  11. kimandrew said

    Incredible series of shots — almost as if the sky was on fire.

  12. More totally amazing shots. The colors here are mind-blowing. Beautiful.

  13. Bobbie said

    The thunderstorm shots were mind blowing, but these are striking in their own right. The one with the three airplanes is especially imnpressive. It looks like a scene from a WW II movie with bombers moving across the Pacific.

  14. Doris P. said

    Wow! I don’t know what else to say! What a series, Ron!

  15. Fantastic stuff Ron!!

  16. KarenAnn said

    Fantastic colors and your plane photo reminds me of something out of one of those disaster movies where they are heading on a suicide mission to save the day! …I’d better get back to gift wrapping now.

  17. Greg said

    Love the colors in these shots. Very nice Ron!

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