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Who did you meet at the Mall

Posted by danudin on September 30, 2010

We call them Shopping Centres but just thought I’d introduce you to a fun character I met at Peninsula Fair Shopping Centre Kippa Ring the other day!

Tanya said that for $10.00 I could get a photo of him sitting on my lap, I told her that she needed to give me a lot more than $10.00!!!


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Wandering around Redcliffe

Posted by danudin on September 30, 2010

Just some shots I have taken while wandering around my hometown. As well as some of Tammy’s weeds, this time a different colour. When you relocating Tammy?

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Some interesting people that I met!

Posted by danudin on September 29, 2010

Holding it for her child??

New Friends from China

The really enjoyable thing of covering events such as this re-enactment is the opportunity to make some new friends.

If you look closely you will see that in the first image the beautiful smile attached to that young lady is accompanied by a set of crutches which I am sure resulted from using that scooter!

The second shot show three very pretty young Chinese girls who were taking turns to capture their images at Redcliffe and who readily agreed when I offered to take a group shot (with their cameras) for them. I asked if I could take a shot and as the closest one was getting ready to pose, I got the shot I wanted, and they learned a new word “Candid” shot!

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Good News – Bad News

Posted by danudin on September 29, 2010

For the past week I have been experimenting with using a second blog to display slideshows of numerous shots with a common theme. I appreciate the fact that friends have visited and commented but the numbers indicate that it isn’t the success I had hoped for, so the good news is I will discontinue the practice, but the bad news is that I still have heaps of Festival shots as well as heaps of Powerboat shots to post amd after a small break they will be posted as slideshow then I will spend some time contemplating my future plans along with my navel.

Second good news is that I have decided to come clean and Fess-Up! Bad News my musket shot was Photoshop (Elements)ed!

Waddya Think?

After PSE

Before PSE

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Last of the re-enactment shots

Posted by danudin on September 28, 2010

The last of the shots I am going to post of the re-enactment can be Viewed HERE and have  agood spread showing all those who participated. I am glad that I witnessed such a positive display and took the shots to share with you.  I still have quite a few to process of the festival in general and the associated Superpowerboat race that followed, so I will just post some individual shot that I loved until I can get the slideshows organuzed.

The Gangs All Here!

A Close-up Look

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Settlers get established

Posted by danudin on September 27, 2010

Here are some shots from after the settlers had landed, and HERE are the extra ones to go with them. The second shot here elicited an expletive from the octagenarian Lady standing next to me as her eyes weren’t what they used to be and she wasn’t expecting it!

All gathered ashore

Ready - Aim - Fire!

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Redcliffe Settlement Re-enactment

Posted by danudin on September 26, 2010

Hope everyone has enjoyed my offerings on the Redcliffe First Settlement Re-enactment, so far, well now we are down to the Nitty Gritty- over the next three days I will be posting some teaser shots here and giving a link to my second blog site where the slide show tells a much more involved story HERE, I hope you like the shots there although the number is slightly more than I am showing here. LOL Please feel free to leave any comments there as well as here Good or Bad, you know me skin like a Rhino!

Gathering Food

Fishermen spot boat!

Boat Approaches

Settlers Land!

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The People who Restore Cars

Posted by danudin on September 25, 2010

These people are as dedicated to living the dreams that they have created, as anythat I have come across. If you go HERE you will see a few shots of how they throw themselves into that dream. I would appreciate any comments on how I am presenting this Festival if you have thoughts.

Interesting photo for Danudin to post, don’t you think?

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Main Festival Vintage Car Images

Posted by danudin on September 24, 2010

HERE (just click the link) are a whole heap of vintage cars that were on display, for our delight, I will finalize the car segment tomorrow. If you look at the slideshow feel free to make comments, I think I set them up right.

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Redcliffe First Settlement Festival – First Installment

Posted by danudin on September 23, 2010

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September just gone, Redcliffe held a Festival (INFO HERE) to commemorate the fact that this area was the first site of official European settlement in Queensland in 1824. (Redcliffe Info)   The Ceremony closed with the re-enactment cast singing the song “Amity” to signify at least the hope of understanding and tolerance between the (then) incoming and indigenous peoples, which badly needs to be enacted and lived today. The festival involved a myriad of other features including a Superpowerboat race, Pipe and drum bands, as well as many other entertainments, shots of which will come later. I want to start the ball rolling however with the Vintage Cars displayed for our enjoyment and edification. And to start that I am going to feature Peter’s Restoration, with a few teaser shots designed to encourage those interested to see more to go to the link below.

Investigation of THIS link will show more images and a record of the rebuild created by Peter.

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