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An expected visitor

Posted by danudin on October 31, 2010

I saw this and thought “Hallowween came early, then I spotted the red eyes and green slime around the the lips and claws. You guessed it, just a spy for the WoW Systerhood!


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As Halloween Approaches

Posted by danudin on October 29, 2010

We don’t generally follow the American Practice of celebrating all Hallows in Australia, although it is becoming slightly more popular with the US TV influence. But the concept of scaring young children is a universal theme, I think. When I was a kid, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie was a slightly scary book written by an Aussie Author May Gibbs which I still have fond memories of. The main Protagonists were the Bush Babies of the title who lived in Gum Nuts and wore Eucalyptus leaves as their only apparel. The scary bits were provided by the Banksia men. I went for a walk the otherday and snapped a few examples to whet your appertites. Look up the books, your small children and grandchildren will fall in love with the stories.

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For Tammy’s Two Boys (No Glass)

Posted by danudin on October 27, 2010

I went out to take out the garbage today and heard a few of those pesky Indian Minors Birds harrassing the daylights out of something, and went to investigate, ran back and got my camera. Right in front of our letter box was this young Blue Tongue Lizard, come out to greet the Spring and looking for a feed. This first shot, shows his tongue beautifully, the others are to give you some idea of his size, especially in relation to the bricks near our neighbours front door. Come summers end, I expect the tail to have fattened markedly as he keeps down the snail population of our gardens. He really seemed to like the small offcuts of my dinner that the cat normally gets, she won’t be happy so don’t tell her.

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Aussie Rural

Posted by danudin on October 27, 2010

Took this during the Clydesdales visit and just love the Aussie Bush feel of it.

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Evidence showing the WoW Conference damage

Posted by danudin on October 26, 2010

I spotted THIS shot on the Astronomy Shot of the Day, In spite of the explanation given, I think it is evidence of the Mess left by the Witches of Westwick Coven Conference held on the Moon. I wonder what their explanation will be?

Don’t forget that it was me that broke the story of their trip there with THIS PHOTO some time back, so we know they went there.

Note: Posted on 26 Oct 2010, if you view this and it doesn’t show colour on the Moon, check the archives on the Astronomy website. As the image changes daily.

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Still one Month of Spring to Go.

Posted by danudin on October 25, 2010

Reasonableness is the one attribute that I have in spades, and in spite of having people accuse me of not liking smelly things, I thought these two shots illustrated mt point well. Firstly if they weren’t smelly why do they attract bugs, and where is the mowerman to control this rampant growth following some really good recent rain!

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Smellies Made Pretty.

Posted by danudin on October 24, 2010

I haven’t taken a photo in around a fortnight, but still have a few shots waiting to be posted, I had these old smellies hanging around but as they are just old smellies I thought I would play around with gradients, to create this pretty backdrop to help the poor things out!

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Don’t Over-Work!

Posted by danudin on October 22, 2010


















Reviewing the Redcliffe Settlement re-enactment shots I was taken by the concentration put in by this young star of the future in playing the role set for her.  Mind you we all know what “all work and no play” did for THAT Boy. I then got to thinking that maybe she was adlibbing as the real character she is playing was most likely to have played in the sand in just that way all those years ago, but I hope she was just playing while the adults fiddled about getting their act together.

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Some Boids

Posted by danudin on October 20, 2010

The first guy just kept on paying out at me, the second just wanted her photo taken (That is her best side – I think)

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Wall Facade

Posted by danudin on October 18, 2010

Going through some of my past shots, I noticed the dark rendition of this wall feature I took inside the museum, when I took my Wolfie shots way back and had another go at bringing out the details. the flash played havoc with the distance involved but I like the details showing out this way.

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