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Bee 4 our out of town trip

Posted by danudin on May 31, 2010

Just a few more shots from Our Garden, to be going on with!


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There is Blue Bird Outside!

Posted by danudin on May 30, 2010

These were the words Sally used to get my attention so I rushed out to see the poor bugger was being Dive-Bombed my about 10 Mickey Birds (Indian Minors), by the time I had gone and got my camera, he had retreated across the road, to get away from the tormentors, only to be chased by a crazy man with a camera. When I showed these shots to Sally she asked why he would want to walk around those smelly things (My Interpretation) so I answered to eat all those insect thingies that feast on smelly things, She Yelled Get Him back to eat that Grasshopper, Come back Blue Heron all is forgiven!

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And now for something completely Different!

Posted by danudin on May 29, 2010

I am off on a boat cruise this morning, even though the Rain woke me up at 3am, boy was it heavy, hope I get some shots any way. This is setting up for the next series of shots. Came out into the garden the other day and disturbed this monster amongst Sally’s smelly things, but was able to get these shots before she went trying to sqish it with a shovel, I was forced to delete those shots alas, but I ain’t as dumb as I look, they are gone! Alas!

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Moon Shots prompted by Grant Dixon’s Old Shot.

Posted by danudin on May 28, 2010

Having seen Grant Dixon’s wonderful Moon Shot from many Moons Ago HERE, I was blown away by his statement that it was uncropped Top to Bottom.

So Last night I stepped out to find the sky clear and snapped the second shot using similar settings:

Shutter Speed 1/250 sec, F/stop F/10, ISO 200 and focal length 300mm.

I rushed inside to get my 2x teleconverter, had to feed the cat and by the time I got back outside, there was a light cloud covering and I was able to get the first Photo here (Teleconverter attached, The cloud prevented normal shutter speed so this one had a 1.30 sec exposure with a F/stop of F/5.6 ISO 200 and although the exif states 300mm focal length the teleconverter would represent 600mm.

The last shot was my final experiment for the night and is in fact a compilation of two shots where I transposed a nearly successful exposure a 1/250 sec during a gap in the clouds, onto a  1.0 sec exposure at F/4.0 at a focal length of 164 Teleconverter attached. I loved the magic that the clouds provided.

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Final Lorrikeets (For Now)

Posted by danudin on May 28, 2010

Thought that these shots were fairly good to finish off this Lorrikeet series (for a while) and the last one is far and away my favourite (Hence the size.

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Lorrikeets in our front yard.

Posted by danudin on May 27, 2010

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Lorrikeets – White balance adjustment

Posted by danudin on May 26, 2010

Initially I intended doing a small post on how clever Sally was at determining that the Bread and Honey put out for these colourful visitors was not really good for the birds so she bought a packet of parrot seeds for them, which became a hit with the birds. They still like the bread and Honey on bright Sunny days but on cool rainy days throng around the seed more and more. This occured around the time I posted my Blue Canal shot so thought that I would have a look at white balance adjustment. Having done so, I find that the birds suffer when the white balance is adjusted in so far as it seems to was out their colour, compare the top two shots. The open beak in the unadjusted first shot was the Lorrikeet Yawning, which I had never seen before, and was rapt to have captured.

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Winter Approaches – Snow Report

Posted by danudin on May 25, 2010

As the cold months are looming, I thought it time to give a Snow update. Here are some outdoor shots to show the harxh conditions at their worst.

Knowimh my trlictance for showing smelly things, you may need to enlarge and get out the magnifying glass to see the superbly camouflafed (I call ot Catoflage_ feline almost hidden in the under growth.. The second shot shows her liberally applying mud to aid in this endeavour, to the howls of Sally saying that grotty thing isn’t sitting on my carpets. (But she will)

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Posted by danudin on May 24, 2010

Eventually got around to cleaning up my “to post” folder on the computer, I found this collection of shots related to past posts which I had not used, just a short description of each.

1. Sommerset Dam -Brisbane Valley.

2. Ruverside walk Brisbane CBD.

3. A painted Faced Bee Eater who came for a handout at Noosa.

4. Redcliffe Street scene painterly HDR effect.

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Redcliffe Sunday Markets

Posted by danudin on May 23, 2010

Here are a few shots of Redcliffe Sunday Markets, this was taken a week ago when Sally and I went down to pick up a Boned Leg of Goat that I had ordered, which she hasn’t plucked up the courage to cook yet as the instructions we were given differ from the way she normally cooks lamb, so if any of you lnow goat cooking maybe you coild share them. I want to have it roasted like roast lamb, should be really tasty as I got the taste when in Indonesia and Malaysia and Singapore, makes magnificent Sate meat.

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