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Muscle Machines

Posted by danudin on December 20, 2010

Minutes before snapping that little bird among the red flowers, I got one of the instinctive from the hip shots I love. I can only assume that he was stopped at the giveway sign on the roundabout, as the roar of the Engine of this Corvette, brought the camera to my eye and I got this shot before traffic from the other direction marred my shots, couldn’t get a decent shot of the Chevrolette following close behind but I took encouragement from the friendly hand signal, which I reconsidered after I enlarged the shot and checked his numberplate. LOL.


8 Responses to “Muscle Machines”

  1. jackscrap said

    Is that a car bra on that red corvette? Did you have a plan B just in case he decided to turn around?
    BTW is that wonderful artificial beach just down the hill from there?

  2. Jo said

    Lol! That car reminds me of how sports cars are drawn in cartoons..you know, how the front sort of pulls in and under before they zoom away! That certainly isn’t a family friendly hand signal from the driver in font though! PMSL @ Jackscrap..”car bra” thats a new one on me…my car needs a complete corset…

  3. Doris P. said

    Hmmm, somehow it seems oddly appropriate that you would get that second shot! LOL

  4. Looks like a 76. I have a blue 77.

  5. regularman said

    The ’66 Chevy brings the memories back Ron … but I could have sworn the steering wheel on the one I drove was on the other side. 😉

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