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Out with the Old

Posted by danudin on December 31, 2010

This post empties out my holding folder for 2010, I will start filling it up again TOMORROW. Those who like to rag me may see an indication of things to come here, but as the song says “It ain’t necessarily so!” I have great affection and appreciation for all the bloggers who visited here and who I visited. This post however is dedicated to one in Particular, who has opted not to join the challenge in the new year but whom I hope is still going to hang around, to check that Boomer and Jinxy don’t stretch their themes too much.


Gerbera - Sally's Favourite Flower She isn't sure of the Warhol Effect though!


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Penultimate Post 2010

Posted by danudin on December 30, 2010

One day to go, not many images left to post, so driftwood and a chance shot of the moon through a gap in the clouds seems so appropriate.

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Sea Shots

Posted by danudin on December 29, 2010

Some sea shots from around Redcliffe Peninsula, for the Landlocked plains people.

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New Year Bonus

Posted by danudin on December 28, 2010

Some more colour to ward off the Winter Chills.

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Bunya and some beasts etc

Posted by danudin on December 28, 2010

Cleaning out the last of the Bunya shots before the New Year!

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Possible Snow for Queensland

Posted by danudin on December 27, 2010

I got worried by the amount of Snow you people up North are getting so I went out and sprinkled Anti Snow Dust, Like I do with the Anti Elephant Dust (It works No Elephants for years) and just look what happened to the Anti Snow Dust!
















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All the old Favourites were there!

Posted by danudin on December 5, 2010

Shadow was told to sit down and take it easy cause he had not been well! When the boss came home from work though, all bets were off, so Wolf and Barney decided that it was time for a bit of rough house, “also forbidden to shadow”, so Little Jack went hareing in to lend a hand. Wolf soon reminded him what was expected of even enthusiastic young Pupplies in HIS Park, which appears to have amused Barney no end!

I am lucky to grab these shots, including the last one of the who;e “Wolf” Pack to tide me over till my next visit!

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Oh yes and the dogs

Posted by danudin on December 4, 2010

Conviviality is the watch word in the dog park I can’t get enough of when in Noosa, these three were new faces to me on this visit and I apologize for not remembering the names of the top two, (I’ll get them next time) the little one “rescued” by dad was soon back in the fray with the rest, I doubt that the Shepherd would need rescue, but he was respectful around Wolf. Jack, seen recuperating, is Shadows buddie and is just full of beans as you will see tomorrow!

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Breakfast @ “Moondoggies” Noosaville

Posted by danudin on December 3, 2010

In case you think I go to Noosa for the photography, Nah it’s the breakfast.

Did I mention I was diabetic, whilst I was eating Sally kept muttering “I hate You, I hate You” she’s diabetic too but obeys the rules (Except for white wine)

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All Roads Lead to Rome – NOT!

Posted by danudin on December 2, 2010

And you thought your town was the centre of the world! Ha!

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