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Photowalk 50mm Lens Test results 1 of 4

Posted by danudin on July 25, 2010

Good Old Boomer mike asked how my little escaped with my Old 50mm Prime lens. Well this and three more posts will prove that it worked well.  Not everything was a success mind, there were overexposures about 8 in total and my attempts at Panning the fast moving cyclists were defeated by the lighting and a lack of practice with this lens, but that is no never mind. More on that as the results unfurle.

These four shots were taken around the same time as ny Bamboo shot (early) and were all subjrcys in low light. I was stoked that the Berries and the token smelly thing were all taken at very close range, which benefitted greatly from Julies help with understanding focus with this dinosaur lens. The curtain of stranglervine roots is self explanatory and beautiful in their own right, as does the buttress roots of the Moreton Bay Fig in photo 2. That being said I want you to look closely at the centre left of that image and tell me if you too see the likeness of the worlds greatest songwriter from his 1970 New Morning alnum, I’m damn sure it’s him.


2 Responses to “Photowalk 50mm Lens Test results 1 of 4”

  1. Judi Clark said

    It’s a pretty light in these photos. It does seem that you are doing well working with the focus on the 50mm. So, have they started a shrine yet for your Dylan sighting? I like the last one best.

  2. I think your 50mm re-initiation has turned out well. These are great shots Ron. Those roots are amazing, I have never seen anything like that. That smelly thing is there is nice and bright, the WOW will be proud. ANd I do believe I can see Bob in there somewhere. I use a 50mm lens alongside my 105macro, its nice since I only have to back up 1/2 as much, LOL.

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