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Posted by danudin on July 24, 2010

Today, I unofficially took part in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. First off I would like to congratulate both Scott for his concept and Kerrie (The Brisbane Organizer) for her diligence and efforts in doing the organizing. The group that turned up were a decidedly diverse bunch with a whole heap of better equipment than I possess.  One individual however had taken note of my intention to use solely the 50mm lens you have become familiar with and decided to do likewise. This tickled me pink and I can’t wait to see his results. I don’t know what I expected from this endeavour but I think I expected a sort of spontaneous networking going on, but that didn’t happen.  The only card offered to me was by Kerrie herself and I only handed out four cards in case people wanted to keep contact. This could have been my fault as you know my sense of humour, and maybe people found it offputting. In any event, Networking not with standing, I had quite a number of interesting discussions with a bunch of folks I had never met before, but as for photos, I got a few on the walk but only the one attached,  had any effect on me, and alas, I think it is really a throwback to my early youth. We had about 8 or 9 acres of Bamboo growing in a paddock down the road and some of the best Cowboy and Indians games were played there over the years. The games only came to an end when, while having dinner one night My mate Chris’s Mum accompanied by two Policemen turned up asking if we had seen Chris, who hadn’t come home. It was only then that I remembered that me and my gang of outlaws, (I was the eldest at 8 years of age so the leader), well we had tied Chris (The Sherrif) up and promptly forgot him. So I told his Mum and the coppers not to worry as I new where he was. We drove down to the entry of the Bamboo Patch and I accompanied by a policeman who must have been scared of snakes cause he drew his gun as we got deeper into the patch, there we found Chris safe and sound and securely bound, so I liberated him but was he grateful – No He wasn’,t it was four whole days until he talked to me again and nearly 2weeks before we were best mates again – Mothers get so excited! Anyway, all the official WWPhotowalk participants are allowed to submit only One Photo and this is mine but just for your pleasure as Scott will never see it. Interesting at the least!


11 Responses to “World Wide Photowalk”

  1. Judi Clark said

    Excellent photo, beautiful lines both long and short… too bad that Scott will never see it. And your childhood story is a hoot… well, It is because your friend was safe. And, you wonder why no one wanted your card; maybe they heard of your previous life as a “Sheriff.”

  2. Mike said

    I like that shot, Ron. Great color. How did it go just using the 50? Great story, too!

    My daughter and I have our Walk in about 6 hours! We can’t wait!

  3. robin said

    very nice shot and story. i had the same thought as you did on meeting people. i took a workshop and went on a photo shoot with the hope that i would meet someone that we could meet up again and go on photo walks. didn’t happen. i so like to travel and take photos but so far i haven’t found any one else that has this same interest.

    glad u had a nice unofficial photo walk today.

  4. Lorri said

    I like the strong, vibrant colors in this one as well as those lines leading my eye up the image.

  5. Hey Ron, I did the Photowalk too. I love your story as always. Like you I ad some expectations that didn’t get met, LOL. I too thought it was going to be making 49 new best friends and more networking and talking and sharing commonalities and it was not that at all. Everyone was very nice and, we all had cameras but, it was 103 degrees and people went for the shade in many different directions. Our walk coordinator was cool and I talked to him more than anyone else but after the walk. I was a little disappointed in my walk selection too as I thought it was going to be more exciting, more nautical, etc. Now when I do this again, I will make my location choice more wisely. After all of that how bad could it have been as I took about 500 shots, maybe guess I complain too much.

  6. Bobbie said

    I love the strong colors and the graphic, almost geometric patterns of the stalks.

  7. ~Val said

    Hilarious story! I love bamboo…and this is a fine shot.

  8. Great story and a wonderful, colorful image (but I’d expect no less when it comes to color in your images). I had a different expectation with my walk as I went on it with DH, and with Eddie who I felt like I knew even though this was our first meeting IRL. I had my companions when I started so I didn’t socialize much except at the meal after. I always figure if I meet one person that I make a connection with then it’s a rousing success. Just because we all have cameras doesn’t mean we’ll share other interests, but keep at it and you’ll meet more folks you connect with.

  9. Patb said

    Love the lines and natural tones of your bamboo image, really lovely.

    Hearing about the photowalk experiences was very interesting, I’m wishing I could do this. Maybe next year I will organize one for my small town so we can participate.

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