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Bunya Bush

Posted by danudin on December 27, 2010

My trip to this Nature Reserve was primarily to take photos, however the more I wandered around this clump of Bush I felt my batteries recharging themselves. I kept on taking shots but mainly I was soaking up the Eucalyptus tang in the air the sounds of all the Aussie birds living wild and free. I guess that this is what being an Aussie means. I didn’t know I was down until being in the Bush lifted me up, the last image here says it all, why would that leaf need to be purple, none of the oters were? It was cause it needed to be. Expect more of these bush shots in 2011.

I thought that you Snow Bound friends could do with looking at the green, Open a bottle of eucalyptus oil and you can pretend you are there!


6 Responses to “Bunya Bush”

  1. kimandrew said

    Thanks for the link (other post) to the sound clip for the kookaburra’s. We all need to recharge, and I’m so glad you had a chance to do so. I’m lovin’ your photos – they help to make the dreary rainy days of the PNW easier to handle.

    • danudin said

      It is raining here to but nice and warm! Is PNW the Pacific North West, if it is then think of me being in the Pacific South East, although that is wrong as I am on the South Western Edge of the Pacific Ocean and you are on the North Eastern Edge of the Pacific Ocean, which should have precedence as the Pacific Ocean is far bigger than either the U.S.of A. or Australia. LOL

  2. ~Val said

    Recharging batteries is precisely why I enjoy nature and the great outdoors! Photos just help recall those memories on gray, non-hiking days…

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    All of this green almost makes me feel my toes again! Gorgeous, gorgeous color!

  4. Ellen said

    What a great seeming place to recharge. Is this reserve far from you?
    I suppose it is where you start from but you are very much east to me. So much so that it is always the next day. Pacific coast US is minus 8 GMT and I guess you are plus 8 or more.

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