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And now to Sis’s Shack LOL

Posted by danudin on June 5, 2010

Starting this post with a few parting views of Black Mountain and then proceeding on home, the shot of the frony door needs to be enlarged especially for those WoW Systers looking on. The final shot shows the view that she wakes up to EVERY MORNING, the shot was taken from the foot of her bed. Tomorrow we will get to meet some of the neighbours who rushed in to greet her as soon as we returned from Cooroy.


9 Responses to “And now to Sis’s Shack LOL”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    I think I NEED that welcome sign, hilarious!! I could get used to doing coffee to those views! (Although, I’m not so sure how much work would ever get done)!

  2. Wow, I am very envious of those views. What a beautiful piece of heaven she found!

  3. Judi Clark said

    But I want to see more of the shack! Please more pics of Sis’s house… this itty bit looks so interesting.

  4. I love that second picture with the trees in the valley leading right up to the mountain. I also like that door.

  5. Sheila said

    I thought you missed part of it. The self portrait is kind of cut off at the top of the image.

    Looks like a lovely place! Are we going to get a full picture of the whole house?

  6. Ellen said

    What a view! The shot that Clara mentioned is especially fine and well composed.

  7. I’ve enjoyed the virtual visit to your sister’s new home – what a beautiful area (and now you know she’s one of us too!)

  8. Talk about peaceful, that is some view, way too coooool!!

  9. Catharine said

    Oh what views! I am not envious at all……

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