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Setting up for tomorrows post

Posted by danudin on December 24, 2010

I am posting some shots taken on my recent trip to Noosa, showing the boats using the Noosa River while I was there. Tomorrow – Christmas day I am posting a few experiments that Boomer warned you about but with a little twist. One of these shots is part of that exercise, but I doubt that anybody will have time to look on Christmas Day. In the last three, try and find the pelican preceeding the dhingy across the river.


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Then the storm came! Enlarge to enjoy.

Posted by danudin on December 23, 2010

I was amazed by the colours the Sun and Clouds provided, but was blown away by the results I got when processing my “Lightning” shots. as it seems that discharge electricity has strange effects on the colours too. All shots after the first one hree were taken on a tripod in auto mode using a battery shutter release and the exposures were up to 8 seconds in duration depending on the electrical display. This is the most frustrating of photographic exercises. You start with your lens pointed towards the area with most electrical activity, activate the shutter release, and of course the lightning occurs to your hard left (or right) so I just let it go and took what came out. In the end I took over 300 shots before the rain drove me indoors, and only dustbinned 200 + or – of them ha ha enjoy!

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Approaching Storm – Enlarge for best results.

Posted by danudin on December 22, 2010

The other day We had a series of Thunderstorms and on the second day I could see it coming just before dusk so I set up to try and get some lightning shots. I did later but am still working on them as my luck was out in that I only got a few with lightning in them. However prior to the storm hitting, I got fascinated by the play of the setting sunlight on the roiling clouds. Sorry for the number but have a look ay as many as you can as the colours took my breath away. I don;t think even Boomer would want to do any of these, in B&W Vive la coloure!

Coincidentaly, while shooting these cloud shots I noticed a plane flying towards the clouds and snapped three shots as it headed South East. Rather than show the three shots I thought that I would follow Karen Brockney;s tutorial on merging Layers HERE and that required me to use Karen’s  Adding Layer masks technique HERE as I only have PSE7. Karen the invoice for this Ad is in the mail.

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Taken on same walkabout

Posted by danudin on December 21, 2010

Some other shots that I got that same day, only going to comment on the last as I thought that you could use some advice on keeping Snow out of the house.

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Muscle Machines

Posted by danudin on December 20, 2010

Minutes before snapping that little bird among the red flowers, I got one of the instinctive from the hip shots I love. I can only assume that he was stopped at the giveway sign on the roundabout, as the roar of the Engine of this Corvette, brought the camera to my eye and I got this shot before traffic from the other direction marred my shots, couldn’t get a decent shot of the Chevrolette following close behind but I took encouragement from the friendly hand signal, which I reconsidered after I enlarged the shot and checked his numberplate. LOL.

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Some Work For YOU to do!

Posted by danudin on December 19, 2010

While roaming the other day, I noticed this RED RED Flower (that Sally thinks is a weed) and as I took the first shot I heard a bird singing, really close, but saw nothing. Then I did, the 4th – 7th shots need to be enlarged and even then the bird is hard to see. So I created a collage using the 4th as background but cropping heavily to create my last shot which I feel is the best collage I have ever created. What do you think?

Tammy this was harder to see than the Dragonfly!

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Moondoggies Cafe – Chocalotto Heaven

Posted by danudin on December 18, 2010

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Light effect

Posted by danudin on December 17, 2010

The Dragon Fly was so hard to see that I had to givr it a spotlight to make it visible. The pool at our Motel had such glistening tiles that I had to try and capture it, Not all shots work, this was the best I could do!

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For my Canadidian Buddy

Posted by danudin on December 16, 2010

And all you Phlourz Lovers, with a dash of Snow thrown in for Seasonal touch.

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A few more shots in and around Cooroy!

Posted by danudin on December 15, 2010

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