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Out with the Old

Posted by danudin on December 31, 2010

This post empties out my holding folder for 2010, I will start filling it up again TOMORROW. Those who like to rag me may see an indication of things to come here, but as the song says “It ain’t necessarily so!” I have great affection and appreciation for all the bloggers who visited here and who I visited. This post however is dedicated to one in Particular, who has opted not to join the challenge in the new year but whom I hope is still going to hang around, to check that Boomer and Jinxy don’t stretch their themes too much.


Gerbera - Sally's Favourite Flower She isn't sure of the Warhol Effect though!


25 Responses to “Out with the Old”

  1. ~Val said

    Are those top two yellow photos, really one photo? They look like a triptych (or duo-tych??) Love the Warhol work, too!!

    Happy New Year, Ron!!

  2. kimandrew said

    Gerberas are my favorite flower — love the presentation of the blooms.

  3. Jo said

    did you grow all these…you must have a very green finger! The bright colours make me long for summer. Looking 4ward to seeing your first pic of the New Year..mine won’t be for another 26 hours!

  4. KarenAnn said

    Wonderful exotic Australian flowers!Loved the presentation with the Gerberas. Brightens my winter day!

  5. That is very sweet of you, Ron. These flowers will certainly leave me with happy thoughts about 2010 as we bid it adieu. As you know, I will be back in 2011, just not pursuing themes with the rest of you. Have a great year and I’ll be around to visit often.

    I LOVE the Warhol effect on Sally’s gerberas. Those are one of my favorite flowers too….

  6. terri said

    After the initial shock of seeing those smelly things, I realize and others probably as well, you are a great photographer when it comes to flowers. Your shots are so nice and I really like the Andy Warhol effect.

  7. Tammy said

    Another year down, my friend! You don’t know how much enjoyment (yes, I said enjoyment) you have put in to my blogging experience the last few years….the most valuable assets I received from this experience is all of my good blogging friends (and that includes YOU)! Wishing you and Sally the best in 2011…and looking forward to another year of you harassing me! 🙂

    What a way to end the year…SMELLIES (my favorites)! Looking forward to more next year! 🙂

  8. Bobbie said

    I think it’s wonderful that you chose to end the year with smellies. The collage on the bottow is fantastic.

  9. Madelaine said

    Love all your beautiful flowers Ron! Happy New Year to you, Sally and yours!

  10. PatB said

    Love that Warhol Effect but my eye was captured by Sally’s Blood Lily in the top right corner – very attractive image in what must be Sally’s greenhouse environment.

    Congratulations on cleaning out your picture folder for this year Ron, a journey I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing in. A visit here is always fun and interesting and I’m looking forward to another year. All the best for 2011!

    p.s. aren’t you sweet dedicating your last post of 2010 to Julie! 🙂

  11. Greg said

    Happy New Year Ron!!

  12. Happy New Year Ron!!! I figure if you can post smelly things, Boomer & I can do some theme stretching, maybe in 2011 we will keep it to a slight theme tweaking. LOL

  13. These are great images, Ron, and I am very jealous. My favorite is the orange flower with the little mushrooms and frogs around it.

  14. Mike said

    Ron, you certainly know the way to a woman’s heart:)

  15. Mary Lou said

    Beautiful flowers images!! Wait…did I see that Ron posted flowers…

  16. victry1 said

    Thought I commented on this-I remember loving the collage. Plus, you have some excellent “smellies” there, Ron. 🙂

    Are you guys ok down there? I saw on the news Australia had mucho flooding. Didn’t know if you were in the affected area.

  17. Sheila said

    What a great way to end the year with all those beautiful flowers!

  18. PCPHOTO said

    love the flowers – love the warhol !!! he would love it too, he had many artists in his studio :}

  19. Great collection of flowers, strange for me but I guess common for you. I just realized that the link in yoy comments lead to an old blog….. maybe change to a fresh new one for 2012 🙂

  20. Bright and Beautiful flowers!

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