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Some Work For YOU to do!

Posted by danudin on December 19, 2010

While roaming the other day, I noticed this RED RED Flower (that Sally thinks is a weed) and as I took the first shot I heard a bird singing, really close, but saw nothing. Then I did, the 4th – 7th shots need to be enlarged and even then the bird is hard to see. So I created a collage using the 4th as background but cropping heavily to create my last shot which I feel is the best collage I have ever created. What do you think?

Tammy this was harder to see than the Dragonfly!


10 Responses to “Some Work For YOU to do!”

  1. Well done! The focus is on the bird instead of the flowers…or was that what you intended in the first place? I didn’t see your wonderful logo and miss it….

    • danudin said

      Sorry Es, but the 4th shot has a Logo and I used that for the background of the collage, The cropped inset covered it. I thought the words explained the fun I had trying to find the bird before I could shoot it!

  2. jackscrap said

    Terrific shots of this little bird Ron, obviously not shy if you can creep up on him like that! Love the collage and framing too.

  3. KarenB said

    Good job finding that bird! He was so well-camouflaged in the bush. I like the collage, too.

  4. Eleanor said

    What a great job, Ron! Wonderful shots of that little guy and the collage is a great way to show him.

  5. lsvejda said

    Beautiful collage and a very nice capture of the tiny bird.

  6. kimandrew said

    Great catch, and like the collage effect.

  7. Tammy McChesney said

    I LOVE your collage, well deserving for a frame! What kind of bird is that (some kinds of hummingbird)…he is a really cute little fella! Funny what you see when you open your eyes (and ears)! Nice work Ron!

  8. Doris P. said

    A great montage of shots, Ron! Love the finishing you did to each photo. I love that the bird peeks out from the foliage. Nice capture!

  9. Ellen said

    Nicely seen and shot. The montage/collage is fabulous and tells the story so well. I sure don’t know Aussie birds but is that a honey creeper?

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