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Moondoggies Cafe – Chocalotto Heaven

Posted by danudin on December 18, 2010


10 Responses to “Moondoggies Cafe – Chocalotto Heaven”

  1. joedi said

    The detail in thoses carvings are awesome. I must admit, when I saw the title of your post, i thought it was a cafe for dogs….lol!

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    Man you scared me…I thought it was YOU!

    Fabulous intricate details, these are very cool!

  3. ~Val said

    What a fun-looking place! Love all the detail in the carvings.

  4. Those carvings are awesome! I don’t think you’ve ever posted any of this aboriginal art before, have you? I’m interested in the similarities with Canadian West Coast totems.

    • danudin said

      Julie I have never heard of Aborigine Totems. They do do carvings but are reluctant to have them photographed. I’m Sorry but I suspect that this is a commercial enterprise with aboriginal motiffs is all.

  5. Mike said

    Ron , you really nailed that 3rd shot…crisp as can be! He’s got that look like the sisters just had a go at him, right!

    • danudin said

      Mike good to see you being SOOO Brave, imagine bad mouthing the WoW Systers, with the nights getting longer up there in the North. Be careful out of doors mate! LOL

  6. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    Awesome artwork! The detailing on these are so clear. Great pictures you took. Have a great day!


  7. Doris P. said

    Super series, Ron. I love that fourth one. Such depth in the coloring and the carving.

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