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Overlooking Noosa Heads.

Posted by danudin on November 29, 2010

The days were fairly overcast with only intermittent sun patches but walking around in shirtsleeve near the end of November, sure beats being in the Northern Hemisphere, going on some of the photos I’ve been seeing! LOL


9 Responses to “Overlooking Noosa Heads.”

  1. green and blooming this time of year – strange 😉
    and – the dog just goes outside for necessity, otherwise he’s lying by the fire 🙂

  2. rrosen1 said

    This like a nice place to just hang out and let the world go by.

  3. One heck of a vantage point, great images Ron!

  4. Tammy said

    Wow, now those are some views…all the greens and blues have made me jealous (at least we don’t have the white stuff yet).

  5. jackscrap said

    Is that nudist beach still popular at Noosa? I’ve heard a lot of white pointers like to gather there…..

  6. Landscapes are my favorites. You have some closer in foliage, mid-interest waterways, and far-off hills. This brings a lot of interest into the photos.

  7. Sue said

    Catching up on all the photos!! You have some awesome shots!!! Hoping to check in more regularly now that life has calmed down a teeny bit! 🙂

  8. I love that last shot with the river vanishing into the distance.

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