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An Aussie Scene – Seen Through Canadidian Eyes

Posted by danudin on November 23, 2010

My neice Jodie is over for a short time from Calgary Alberta Canada, and on a trip to the Northern Territory, she captured these two iconic Out Back shots. The colour of the soil around the Devils marbels is what the Outback generally resembles but we have had heaps of rain and the shot of her near the termite mound, (Not the biggest there – but closest to the track) shows the uncommon look of a Green Outback, a real wonder for all.


8 Responses to “An Aussie Scene – Seen Through Canadidian Eyes”

  1. ~Val said

    Love that red dirt! Reminds me of southwest Utah and northern Arizona here in the U.S. Also, that termite hill…ugh…gives me the willies! Your niece is brave to stand so close!

  2. Tammy said

    Leave it to you to stand your poor niece in front of a termite hill…and you call me a witch?? 🙂

    I love the reds in that first image…what great color and what a wonderful scene!

  3. Bobbie said

    Love the red rocks–it’s much like the parts of the American southwest where John & I were camping this past September. Same color, but your hills are rounder.

  4. victry1 said

    Definitely a reminder of the American southwest! Your niece is also very brave! I probably would not want to approach those things!

  5. That first image is fabulous, Ron. The red rocks are great. That is some more termite mound, also. Great color in both pictures.

  6. Patb said

    Only a couple of provinces away from me… let me know when it’s your turn to visit!

    Smart girl to get out of Canada at this time of year and visit her Uncle & it looks like a wondrous trip>

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