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Other Birds

Posted by danudin on November 16, 2010

These Corellas were festooned around this and adjacent Gum Trees all seemingly in pairs, does that mean Spring, the two squabbling over that Knot Hole would make it seem so. The young Galah in the third shot just dared me to make him get off the path (I worked my way around the cute little guy) and Mum just fed on regardless.


7 Responses to “Other Birds”

  1. They don’t look threatened! Beautiful colors captured by you!

  2. Its a bird watchers paradise in your neck of the woods. Great stuff!

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    I love those bottom shots…the birds really stand out against the grass! I want your birds…can you send a few my way (just so I can take pics of them??)

  4. Ellen said

    I envy your birds too, fine shots. A surprising number of eucalyptus grow here.

  5. ~Val said

    Very pretty! The lower left, on the sidewalk, is a particularly nice photo.

  6. Edmund said

    Nice shots. Birds are difficult images to get. well done.

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