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Flora and Fauna

Posted by danudin on November 13, 2010


8 Responses to “Flora and Fauna”

  1. Eleanor said

    You certainly have a variety here, Ron. Love the bird shot.

  2. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    I’m not fond of spiders, but these are really great shots. As are the “smellies” you took shots of. Have a great day!


  3. Tammy McChesney said

    That bird is just dynamic…what eye catching colors! And those spiders are, well, creepy, but what details!

  4. Mike said

    Yes, I do love the bird as well, although I’m quite upset that your getting all the color and we have 6 months of cold and grey colors. do you take in boarders for our winter? It would just be my wife and 2 girls, we don’t need much just lots of food:)

  5. What a perspective on the bird picture! I also love the spider images. There is great detail in both images. The bottom image is my favorite.

  6. Doris P. said

    This is a fantastic series, Ron! I especially love the second shot because of the amazing color and the unique perspective! The blossoms are so soft and the colors so bright.

  7. Your spider photos are incredible!

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