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An expected visitor

Posted by danudin on October 31, 2010

I saw this and thought “Hallowween came early, then I spotted the red eyes and green slime around the the lips and claws. You guessed it, just a spy for the WoW Systerhood!


9 Responses to “An expected visitor”

  1. ~Val said

    Ron, you are so funny.

    This…gargoyle thing….is quite gruesome!!

  2. Lorri said

    Spy or not, it is wonderfully creepy. Imagine it lit at night with a dark background.

  3. I thought we did self portraits some months back??

  4. for once I had a smart (?) comment in my mind looking at this post but this time Jinxy already said that..

    anyway it looks as a tough spying one

  5. PatB said

    Neat find, a gargoyle strikes me as a great subject for closeups. Love this guy!

  6. Besterd said

    Hi there this post is nice and interesting. I’ll use it for my project :). Can you say to me some related articles I could use too?

  7. Tammy McChesney said

    We are always watching, Ron!

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