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For Tammy’s Two Boys (No Glass)

Posted by danudin on October 27, 2010

I went out to take out the garbage today and heard a few of those pesky Indian Minors Birds harrassing the daylights out of something, and went to investigate, ran back and got my camera. Right in front of our letter box was this young Blue Tongue Lizard, come out to greet the Spring and looking for a feed. This first shot, shows his tongue beautifully, the others are to give you some idea of his size, especially in relation to the bricks near our neighbours front door. Come summers end, I expect the tail to have fattened markedly as he keeps down the snail population of our gardens. He really seemed to like the small offcuts of my dinner that the cat normally gets, she won’t be happy so don’t tell her.


12 Responses to “For Tammy’s Two Boys (No Glass)”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    I am so glad we don’t have those crawling around freely…we would probably have a pet lizard (and please, don’t send one to the boys…it would probably end up in my bed)! 🙂

  2. a bit to much snakelike for my liking, otherways lizards are quite nice 🙂

  3. Mike said

    Are they dangerous Ron?

    • danudin said

      They can bite Mike and like all lizards worldwide, have venom, but as a kid I must have been bitten a hundred times with nothing major except on two occasions a wound that recurred a year later then went away!. I did walk about a mile home once to get Mum to take one off my hand as I couldn’t budge it, she used salt which stung worse than the bite. That Lizard stayed around our house about 8 -10 years and became real tame.

  4. ~Val said

    Oh, man, if I saw one of those on my front porch, all IT would see is me, from the back, running away! One of your fauna I DO NOT envy you having!!! (Good shots, though)

  5. Eleanor said

    Very interesting! Like the the shot of the blue tongue. Hope he takes care of your garden well.

  6. Now that is some lizard! The ones in our yard are smaller and are very shy when approached…they move FAST! Our cat Shadow brings the smaller ones in the house to play with. We release them back into the wild of our yard if they have survived his game by the time we find them.

    I love the blue tongue, too, and the patterns on his body.

  7. His head looks just too much like a snake. Keep up posted on his progress this summer.

  8. Lorri said

    You have such fun critter neighbors!!

  9. Ellen said

    Great neighbors you have indeed. They eat snails? I want one!

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