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Any comment problems on my blog?

Posted by danudin on October 11, 2010

Bobbie Coughlin, has reported trouble commenting on one of my posts (via Blogger) and I was wondering if others have experienced the same hassle.  I am stuck in doorss for the last couple of days due to wonderous torrential rain, which may have caused local flooding which can be a hassle but the main water storage for the Brisbane area has reached 100% and less than two years ago I was reporting the capacity was down to 17%, but then Australia is a place of extremes, which I guess explains ME. (Well Partly)


9 Responses to “Any comment problems on my blog?”

  1. ~Val said

    I comment through Google Reader (not directly from within my own blog) and I haven’t had any trouble…

  2. there was trouble with commenting on Blogger posts some days ago but now it works for me again 🙂 and I’m happy about that as I use Blogger myself….

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    Sometimes I have trouble, but when I switch to my google id I get right through. I have not had a problem in quite a while though.

    I love how you explained how your extreme weather explains you…not sure anything explains you and your extremes LOL

  4. Ron, I haven’t had problems commenting. However, your blog has become very slow to respond since you started putting all the slideshows up. The pages take a long, long time to load, even on my speedy machine. Not really answered the question you asked, but I wonder if the problem Bobbie had was related to an overload of content in some way.

    • danudin said

      Cpuld be Julie, as you see from the text I intend to post singles only from here on in, but you never know by guessing gotta get your Tootsies Wet LOL How is Canada going in the Commonwealth Games BTW>> also LOL (I really have little interest in professional Sports – Darts not withstanding!

  5. WT is “Weather Television” right? LOL Careful now there could be little ones tuning in.

    Never any worries for me leaving comments, just have to dodge the feedback!!

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