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Inspiration – It’s right under your nose!

Posted by danudin on October 9, 2010

I have seen heaps of people worried about getting inspired, and really the only advice I can give is grab your camera, (some extra batteries) and leave the house. The other day Sally sent me up the street to get some shopping at Aldi! So with nothing on my mind but Cheese, Tomatoes, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberrie and Titan Candy Bars, and nothing in my hand but my trusty old Nikon, I set off.

Those who know me, know I didn’t go “Up the Street” I walked beside and in the manky old storm water drain at the back of us which runs in the same direction. All up I walked less than 2 kilometres (Return Trip) I was surprised at the results. I had no preconceived ideas and by chance my first shot was of a WEED so I thought there is my theme! I snapped about 50 shots in and around the drain, selected the ones that I wanted to post and again found myself with 24 candidates.

I know you are all getting tired of my multishots so I have decided to only post images that are special (and solitary) after this, which doesn’t mean that I am going to limit myself to only one shot a week, fortnight or month, I will continue to shoot millions, I just won’t post them. Which means that I have finally figured out that I take Photos for me, and am just too keen to share.Β  So in an effort to catch up with all you exports, today I downloaded all copies of the PET Magazine and plan to start at the beginning of PET and do the lot whether I am interested or not, that should keep me out of everyones hair for a few months.

That being said I was again faced with how to post the number and would appreciate comments on this little slideshow experiment. I have created a collage of the 24 photos which is as close as I can get to art, but will include a slideshow so that you can all see that WEEDS, WASTELANDS and WANT-NOTS all have intrinsic beauty

Weeds, Wastelands and Want-nots


































This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Please remember these images are ALL weeds, Manky Wasteland or other things that people shun ie spiders!




17 Responses to “Inspiration – It’s right under your nose!”

  1. And my hat is off to give thanks to the inspiration guru. Nicely done!!

  2. ~Val said

    I like the collage – but I think the title is too big – it detracts from your photos. That center image of the delicate little white and yellow flower (weed…) is so nice. I also quite liked the photo shot straight down the storm drain – very interesting perspective, but it got lost under the word “Wastelands”. Shows up great on the slide show.

    Just my 2c!

  3. danudin said

    This is a test through Googel reader as Bobbie Coughlin had probs

  4. Tammy McChesney said

    I would proudly plant any one of these “weeds” in my garden (I’d even pay for them)! And wow, Ron, I am impressed! You have told me many times you are not creative – and now I can say I don’t believe you…this collage is creative and beautiful!

    • danudin said

      I have had a complaint about the text (probably justified) and it was the experimenting that made me decide tp go back through the PET magazines. However for me the real relevation was that, by using a close shallow focus I think I have made all of the images attractive, bur for that I needed the slideshow!

  5. I do exacly as you did, bring my camera without thinking of inspiration and almost always something shows up that is worth using the camera. With Photowalk I sometimes find starnge things that I never thought of before and never wold have photos of. My friends are a bit confused though of all my theme-photos πŸ™‚

  6. Ellen said

    I like the slide show, nice of you to take us along to the store. In the collage I agree with Val, the title is a bit overbearing, maybe it should be in black and white πŸ˜‰

  7. The collage is wonderful, Ron. I know that it took a lot of time. It just goes to prove that great photographers don’t have to go far to get inspired!

  8. I do like the slideshow of your walk experience. I have a lot of those ‘want-nots’ in my flower beds now, since we were gone to Hawaii and the warm weather here took over the yard.

    I know a lot of people who pay good money for plants imported from abroad…I’m one of them.

  9. Judi Clark said

    It’s a great message, told well!

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