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These Guys are behind glass to protect them!

Posted by danudin on October 7, 2010

All of these are considered non threatening, Tomorrow is another story!

Lots around here

Wish there were more.

Near Most Waterways


7 Responses to “These Guys are behind glass to protect them!”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    To protect them from the Systers?? LOL More nice captures…love that little frog, wish he was looking up at you…he looks very interesting looking from above (I can’t believe you didn’t give him a frog treat to pose…)

  2. ~Val said

    Love that top one – no glass glare, no edge-of-cage. Looks like he’s just hanging out in nature someplace.

  3. I do love the top picture, but looking down on that little green frog is neat, also.

  4. Ellen said

    Nicely done all round, I especially love the one with the colors that match the tree.

  5. victry1 said

    Is that first one a bearded dragon? That tree one is pretty awesome. Have you tried a light colored polarizer for shooting indoors through glass? I haven’t had to do that yet, but something like that might help on the other shots where you had some glare.

    • danudin said

      Yes it is, if you hover the cursor over the image it should show the file name. I haven’t done much with polarizers, only have one set and in any event the display has left the shopping centre, I’ll try to remember it if something similar takes it’s place.

  6. Bobbie said

    The top one looks like Yoda’s ancestor.

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