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More (Pattable) Mall Monsters

Posted by danudin on October 5, 2010


Safe to Handle

First Public Appearance

Business End of a Wombat

The shinglebacks depicted are best described as which end is the head? Wgich I think is a defence mechanism for thier normal Desert habitat. They are most closely related to the bluetongue Lizard sometimes co existing in some habitats.

The Baby Wombat was having his first public outing and was feeling very insecure. As God was designing Nature’s creatures he had a thought of a Bulldozer and made the Wombat, wonderful creatures.


3 Responses to “More (Pattable) Mall Monsters”

  1. the shinglebacks sure confuses me
    wombats are wonderful I agree on that, had the oppurtunity to pat one at Helesville Sanctuary in Melbourne (or was is somewhere else… my rememberance is good but short sometimes šŸ˜‰ )

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    I have never seen a wombat…but how cute is he?? Now I am jealous AGAIN!!!

  3. PatB said

    The wombat is adorable, appears to be a cuddly warm armful. I’ll bet those claws could do damage tho – yikes.

    The shinglebacks are interesting all right; I’ve never heard of these at all.

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