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More out and about.

Posted by danudin on October 2, 2010

A couple more that I liked.


7 Responses to “More out and about.”

  1. Clara Williams said

    I like the purple trim on that house. The tree makes such great shadows, also. In the second picture, I like how you caught the boat heading out to sea.

  2. PatB said

    Pretty home, pretty scene. Actually both are very peaceful feeling, must be the purple of that house – unusual colour for me but it works.

  3. Looks like they left without you, maybe next time.

  4. victry1 said

    Nice house-when are you inviting us over? I like the way you kept the tree branches in-kind of points to the house.

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    Very cool home…love those doors – the clean lines in them are very eye catching! And your boat scene is so peaceful…I would love to sit on the deck of that home watching the boats every day!

  6. Judi Clark said

    I like all the vertical lines on the house photo. And I like the boat going off to sea but not so sure I care for the added vignette. Although it does give a “that’s all, folks” message to it. So maybe it works.

  7. ~Val said

    Great house! You should offer a framed one to the owners … for a small fee, of course!

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