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More Wandering Shots

Posted by danudin on October 1, 2010

Cotton Wood Climbing Tree 1

Cotton Wood Climbing Tree 2

Scarborough Overcast Early Morn

Low-Flying Butcher Bird

These cottonwood trees are located next to each other near Morgans Seafood Restraunt at Scarborough and I stood under the leave of each one to snap it’s neighbour. These trees are normally festooned with children climbing all around them, strange to seem them un monkey clad.

Was happy to see this sky and capture the subtle hues, like I did and stoked at this reflex shot of the Butcherbird zooming past me!


5 Responses to “More Wandering Shots”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    I even would love to climb in those cottonwoods…I love all of the branches going outwards! What a gorgeous view of Scarborough…I love the fog – it makes this picture really magical. My favorite, of course is the flying bird – what a way to stop the action!

  2. Judi Clark said

    Those cottonwoods are really interesting! Makes me want to be a kid. Love the clouds in the Scarbough photo… clouds really can adds so much to this type of photo. And the low flying bird is great shot… good reflexes to get it so perfectly!

  3. Clara Williams said

    I love those trees. I would love to see them full of climbing children. Man, that is one great shot of that bird.

  4. PatB said

    Wow, the shoreline scene is to die for, that sky is amazingly beautiful. Nicely framed Ron, like the diagonal shoreline into the corner.

  5. The overcast image is fantastic Ron, the shadow of the bird gives you the feel for how far off the ground it is, nice capture.

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