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Good News – Bad News

Posted by danudin on September 29, 2010

For the past week I have been experimenting with using a second blog to display slideshows of numerous shots with a common theme. I appreciate the fact that friends have visited and commented but the numbers indicate that it isn’t the success I had hoped for, so the good news is I will discontinue the practice, but the bad news is that I still have heaps of Festival shots as well as heaps of Powerboat shots to post amd after a small break they will be posted as slideshow then I will spend some time contemplating my future plans along with my navel.

Second good news is that I have decided to come clean and Fess-Up! Bad News my musket shot was Photoshop (Elements)ed!

Waddya Think?

After PSE

Before PSE


11 Responses to “Good News – Bad News”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    What a difference….the colors are so much better and I like that ALL of the guns are going off…awesome edits!

  2. Judi Clark said

    Ron, I liked the second blog… but I didn’t feel as I needed to comment on it!

    Like the PSE version… for exact same reasons as Tammy states. Very clever improvement by making all 3 muskets fire at once!

  3. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    Really great picture. I like the second one too. All the guns going off at the same time looks a whole lot better. Have a great day!


  4. PatB said

    You’ve got much better contrast in the edited shot, not to mention those awesome guns firing simutaneously. Excellent capture and very creative editing for one great image!

  5. Mike said

    The ultimate in stretching a theme….I’m calling out the guards….put him in shackles for deceit! He is a menace to society…lock him up.

  6. ~Val said

    Fooled me! I thought it looked pretty realistic!

  7. Eleanor said

    Great Photoshop job! I never would have known. It really improved the photo. Good thinking!

  8. Clara Williams said

    That’s what photoshop is for. You did a fabulous job and made that an outstanding shot.

  9. I`m with Mike, plus through away the key. After all the bashing I have received from you. Can I take back my comment on the original post?

    The single musket shot capture is very cool, and very nice photoshopping work as well!

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