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Redcliffe First Settlement Festival – First Installment

Posted by danudin on September 23, 2010

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September just gone, Redcliffe held a Festival (INFO HERE) to commemorate the fact that this area was the first site of official European settlement in Queensland in 1824. (Redcliffe Info)   The Ceremony closed with the re-enactment cast singing the song “Amity” to signify at least the hope of understanding and tolerance between the (then) incoming and indigenous peoples, which badly needs to be enacted and lived today. The festival involved a myriad of other features including a Superpowerboat race, Pipe and drum bands, as well as many other entertainments, shots of which will come later. I want to start the ball rolling however with the Vintage Cars displayed for our enjoyment and edification. And to start that I am going to feature Peter’s Restoration, with a few teaser shots designed to encourage those interested to see more to go to the link below.

Investigation of THIS link will show more images and a record of the rebuild created by Peter.


4 Responses to “Redcliffe First Settlement Festival – First Installment”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    What a gorgeous color…since I am your favorite syster…did you buy it for me??

  2. ~Val said

    Oh….a FINE ride!! Almost makes you “cry” with joy at seeing it… 😉

    Hope Bill Z drops by. He’d love this!

  3. regularman said

    Oh Ron, now I’m all misty! Nice shots …. and I look so good in blue. 😉 Thanks for the link.


  4. wonderful car in bright color. would not mind driving around in that 🙂

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