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Last of the walk shots

Posted by danudin on September 22, 2010

Not a Cockatoo A Lookoutkeet!

Lookout Lunchbreak

Spotted in an Urban Backyard

As I was leaving the decorative pathway I spotted this guy about 120 feet up a tree, dead quiet which is out of character for these noise machines, so I can only assume that he was checking me out, not to worry though cause as I got around onto the street proper there he was (or one of his cousins) happily feeding and chirping away 50 to the dozen!

A little further up the street I came across this little bucolic scene recreated right here in suburbia. You can take the folks outta the country, but you can’t get the country outta the folks LOL


9 Responses to “Last of the walk shots”

  1. ~Val said

    I was just telling my bird-stalker boyfriend Jon about your Loris, trying to describe them, and here’s you giving me some grand examples!

    • danudin said

      VVAALL??? A Loris is a primate, cute yes but not birdlike in the least! LOL I just checked my bird reference and there are seven separate varieties of Lorikeets but we only seem to get 3-4 of them here!

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    I see another beautiful syster is keeping her eyes on YOU!

  3. victry1 said

    What a beautiful capture on those birds! They’re gorgeous. I especially like the one where he is eating the plant.

  4. Judi Clark said

    I like the one of the bird having lunch too! Although all 3 are great.

  5. Mike said

    Ron, with my proclivity towards vivid colors, there’s no telling what might happen if I took pictures of these birds.

  6. Like Tammy said, the quiet ones are Systers keeping an eye on you.

  7. Erica said

    Oooh! I love Lorikeets! At the Cincinnati Zoo you can feed the lorikeets and they are so friendly and so fun to play with. But boy do they like to eat! At the zoo they will land on your shoulders, arms, even your head, hoping for a treat, but they are so much fun! I can’t imagine having beautiful birds like these just flying around in the wild… great shots of these birds, Ron, I am a little jealous!

  8. Ellen said

    I love the one on the bottle brush and I love knowing that they are just flashing around in your world.

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