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Just Before the Baza!

Posted by danudin on September 20, 2010

I had just read this sign (Which doesn’t mention the Pacific Baza) when I noticed this Bottle Brush hanging in the bush bathed with light, as I walked away from this shot the Baza flew past and left me with the impression depicted by the Wendy’s Orb below. LOL


11 Responses to “Just Before the Baza!”

  1. ~Val said

    PERFECT image to Orb! Nice one!!

  2. Your Orb shows that you are entering the Xmas mode already, nice job.

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    That color just pulls you in….so perfect for an orb…gorgeous!

  4. Mike said

    Watch for bird droppings too Ron!

  5. Nice series and the orb is a nice touch.

  6. Edmund said

    Great shots Ron, But it is not Xmas yet. Did you wear your protective hat?

  7. We have this bush in California, too, and it is usually full of bees when in bloom. Love that orb…

  8. PatB said

    Geez, all I have to watch out for in the bush are the bears – sounds like you have some vicious mamas over there! Don’t bother ANY new moms is the moral of the story. Love your orb!

  9. The light on that bottle bush is wonderful.

  10. Ellen said

    Great sign and beautiful bottle brush waiting to be orbed.

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