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More detail!

Posted by danudin on September 17, 2010

Perhaps 10 or 20 yards down from the Lantana Weed was another, in two stages of growth. I don’t know it’s botanic name but we call it thistle. Although insignificant when seen from a distance in it’s dormant state, up close the symetry and design of the dry seed stalk (almost impossible to remove from socks) have a weird form of grandure. The puff ball seeds are pretty in themselve but a real warning to watch your socks. As i was photographing this I became aware that I was under the srutiny of two teenagers on trail bikes, must be Judi’s Kith and Kin, more on them tomorrow!


5 Responses to “More detail!”

  1. Judi Clark said

    I think you have done a sterling job of catching detail. The close up of the puff ball is my favorite! I like the other two as well and it is interesting to see the progression of the three shots together.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Kith and Kin!

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    Just so you know….I don’t buy thistle LOL Fabulous fuzzy details! Love that last image!

  3. ~Val said

    I get too many cousins of that thistle here – mine are purple, but still that soft, fuzzy look. How can they be so pretty and so invasive at the same time??

  4. Another A+ – you’re becoming a model student! I like the second and third the best, for the close detail.

  5. Erica said

    The detail in these is great- I just love that fuzzy thing… It’s so soft looking and the colors are bright but simple- it’s very nice.

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