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Setting Out

Posted by danudin on September 14, 2010

As i was setting off on my recent walk, I left Sally to play Scrabble with her mates at a friends place where I was lucky enough to capture a subdue territorial dispute between Dolly (The Ragdoll cat) and Tilly the (Shitsu cross dog – newish) before we got there though, I was lucky enough to get this close-up of a Galah in the park near our house, eating grass seeds straight of the stem. Normal Galah shots are like the two more distant ones due to their usual skittishness, so the one I got must have been extremely hungry.


It seems that the only thing cross about Tilly is the fact that she objects to my slights as she is purebred, and had her Mother email me at an ungodly hour to object! This is official recognition and rectification of my error, ain’t dog owners funny!


5 Responses to “Setting Out”

  1. ~Val said

    Love the close-up bird photo! You have such cool birds in your neck of the woods!

    As for the dog and cat…they look a little wary, circling….

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    LOL I’d put my money on the cat…if Tilly is anything like my scardy cat shitzu…that cat looks intimidating! Too funny!

    Oooohhh another beauty of a bird…I really think I need to move to Austrailia! šŸ™‚ (then you’d never get rid of me)!

  3. tilly said

    thank you for the retraction re” my pedigree,,,no hard feelings from TILLY

  4. Judi Clark said

    The close up Galah shot is exceptional. I’ve never seen such a bird! You do have some pretty ones.

  5. Ellen said

    I like the dog/cat dance but that bird is so cool. A sort of parrot I guess?

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