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Clydesdale Flood Continues 2nd Demo Log Pull

Posted by danudin on August 28, 2010

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These shots show Misty harnessed to the Wiffle Tree (or Swingle Bar), which is attached to the splitter bar, for really heavy loads, multiple Wiffle Trees can be attached to accommodate the number of horses needed for the job. Harry informed us that he could move the log on his own, which seemed to get Marlene’s hackels up so he added that following a little heart scare recently he had been ordered not to lift anything over 7 kilograms. When I queried the weight of the harness he had fitted to Misty he seemed to ignore me at first, but when Marlene said “It weighs 42 pounds!” Harry retorted “It had to be done”! and that was that! Notice the onlookers to Misty’s right, learning the trade!


3 Responses to “Clydesdale Flood Continues 2nd Demo Log Pull”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Another very cool story board of pics….wow, those horses are strong…all the weight of the logs/trees plus a 42 pound saddle, you would never see me doing that kind of work load LOL

    • danudin said

      Harness Dear! LOL, who could sit a saddle on a Clydesdale, check out some of the front on shots, these Ladies are BROAD! The harness is the controlling apparatus which can also be couple to equipment.

  2. Judi Clark said

    More fun! Thanks! I do like the way the other horses are looking at what Misty is doing.

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