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Harry’s Farm Shots

Posted by danudin on August 27, 2010

Rest interval

Sticky Beaking

I knew this one was asleep

Did I miss Something

Swarming Ibis

Great Outlook on Life

Just some more Nice photos around Harry’s Home Paddock and Stable.

The bird shot shows one of two or three swarms of Ibis that were about the same size as this.


6 Responses to “Harry’s Farm Shots”

  1. That last shot is particularly fine…..

  2. ~Val said

    I really liked the first head-out-the-door shot, and would love to see a closer view all all those Ibises (Ibis? Ibis’?)

    Fun at the farm continues!

    • danudin said

      That was the extent of my Lens Val, but they are just common old Sacred Ibis, a real pest in the city, and the rural folk aren’t too fussed on them either as they are taking the living out of the mouths of Egrets that I think everyon enjoys seeing pecking around the feet of cattle and horses out in the field.

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    Looks like Harry has a wonderful place filled w/ lots of love…these pictures makes me want to just move in…I am sure he would love that (but hey, he’d have more farm hands…just put the boys to work)!

  4. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    I really like the last horse with his head sticking out the door. That’s a great picture as is the one of the birds. Have a great day!


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