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Fun things around the Farm

Posted by danudin on August 25, 2010

Calendar Posters

Horseless Carriage

Tribute to the Tallest

Pièce de résistance

Someone mentioned the fun aspect of some of my Clydesdale shots. So I thought more were needed.

Harry’s wife Marlene was deemed responsible for the small “Big Horse Museum” crammed into a shed on the property. There was so much stuff I took lots of photos but only the first and third photos here are useable through the singularity of subject depicted. Photo one  is a collage of six calendar pages grouped for their beauty. The Third shows  apparently the tallest Horse record holder from Clydeshire in Scotland. The second photo shows a gig/surry or carriage that I have named the Horseless carriage as when one of our group queried putting a Clydesdale  between those shafts, Marlene laughed and replied, “No Harry is a bit of a purist and won’t have a normal sized horse on the property” then quickly added “Yet!” so it remains horseless. The last I have called Pièce de résistance for obvious reasons this shows what living in a rural setting really means – being one with nature, this young fellow (and at least two of his mates – Up inder the lip) were not moving for any City Slickers! Became quite a talking point!


6 Responses to “Fun things around the Farm”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    More wonderful fun images…and I have to admit, you always leave me laughing…that last image is a blast!

  2. ~Val said

    What???? Froggie in the pot?? Great shot! Hope he didn’t surprise you when you sat down! :-O

    I like that Horseless Carriage shot. Suggests possibilities, and it has great textures.

    • danudin said

      The frog caught most of us unaware, except when I went to spend a penny then spent a bit too long taking photos, I think that dunny is the most photographed in Woodford!

  3. Doris P. said

    The history and the buggy are awesome. Glad you got to learn so much and pass it our way! I have to say, those frogs in the toilet really made me laugh. Country living. . . you never know what you are going to get!

  4. Judi Clark said

    Thanks for sharing more of Harry’s farm with us! More fun… especially the last shot. Plus your narrative is the kicker.

  5. What – no pictures of the rest of the froggy? I would have expected you to hang around for him to make a cameo appearance! I’m enjoying the clydesdale shots alot!

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