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Veronica Lake Look-a-like!

Posted by danudin on August 23, 2010

Peek -a


Scared Ya

Didnt I!

You just have to love big girls with heaps of character and who know how to strut their stuff.


8 Responses to “Veronica Lake Look-a-like!”

  1. She’s beautiful!

  2. Judi Clark said

    I love the way you included these four… and the captions! You’ve captured her beautifully.

  3. ~Val said

    Ron, you are so funny. It took me a minute to place Veronica Lake – then I saw the mane. Good one!! 😀

  4. Always flirting with the ladies! Such a nice portrait series.

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    I love the different expressions you caught in the eyes…she’s truly keeping her eye on YOU!

  6. Bobbie said

    She certainly knows she’s a star!

  7. Great pictures, Ron. My favorite is the second one. Horses seem to know that you are taking their picture. They crave attention.

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