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After the Rains Came!

Posted by danudin on August 17, 2010

Following a short period of rainless days we had a day of really good soaking rain, which stopped Sally worrying about the garden drying out. Well following that Sally suggested that I get some shots of the water bejewelled plants, so I put a clothes peg on my nose and ventured into the garden. took some shots then hurried back inside where it is safe. Thought that the second shot had merit so processed it for posting, Sally was aghast, saying, “but that other one from further back at least makes my garden look pretty!” so guess what goes first!


8 Responses to “After the Rains Came!”

  1. Judi Clark said

    Sally’s garden is very pretty — certainly she gets credit for giving you such an excellent subject matter! Nothing you should be clipping your nose about! And she’s right, it is worth the broader shot. But I also like your first choice with all those drops of rain. That is one of my favorite plants.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    I love how the rain makes the colors come alive….it just makes all those plants so fresh and vibrant! Wonderful capture!

  3. Sally’s garden is really pretty and I can see why she wanted you to shoot in in these conditions. The light is really subtle and everything looks really vibrant after the rain. The close-up shot is fantastic when enlarged. The composition and depth of field bring a sense of movement; I feel like I’m about to see the droplets skitter down the fronds. I love the yellowish tone here too.

  4. Tell Sally that her garden is very pretty. Your close-up shot of the water droplets is to die for. Beautiful light, and wonderful picture.

  5. ~Val said

    Lovely garden, Sally. I favor the closeup, though…these droplets are great!!

  6. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    I like Sally’s garden, it’s very pretty. Your shots are great. Love the one plant by it self. All those pretty rain drops. Have a great day!


  7. Both are really nice for different reasons – I like the welcoming color of garden and your close up appeals to me for it’s graphic, artistic qualities – wonderful water droplet capture.

  8. Ellen said

    What they said!

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