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Hi Pass Clouds

Posted by danudin on August 15, 2010

Playing around with the Hi Pass filter on this shot taken just after the last one yesterday, looking for a little more clarity on the sillhouted Barges, I got a little heavy handed (Alright a LOT) and created this spooky looking shot. The cause for the colour change was brought about by one of the clouds obscuring the sun even more, so that I became aware of the gloom, myself and commented to a nearby fisherman, boy I hope I get that light, to which he replied “Why? It gives me the willies”. If you oubt that it is a different shot have a look at the previous one and notice that the cormorant fishing near the Channel Marker has gone, and I did no cloning to remove anything. I just love the threat and feel of Winter this implies, oh and BTW I was in Shirt Sleeves only, no jumper.


9 Responses to “Hi Pass Clouds”

  1. ~Val said

    I love the effect on the clouds. Gave a little glow around the barges – this happens to me sometimes in Topaz. Wonder what pixels the software sees that it feels it needs to glow up?

  2. What did you do this time to bring the wrath of the systers on you?? Great image BTW!!

  3. Now those really do look like winter is coming… I like playing with photos to see what can be done to spice them up.

  4. yes! just the high pass huh? ;ove the colours

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”….wow, this is really dynamic!

  6. It does look like the wrath of the gods. I love those mountains or something in the far distance. They add to the mood of the picture.

  7. Those clouds look like they are up to no good! They look really evil (and I’d know!)

  8. Ellen said

    An threatening sky even if you the temps were warm. Nicely moody. The halos from sharpening can be masked out…just sayin

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