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Old Camera Road Test!

Posted by danudin on August 8, 2010

Could think of no better place to road (I had toad But pedantic Jinxy threatened to get his dog tp stare at me if I didn’t fix the spelling – shheeze) test my recently repaired camera, than on Redcliffea’s Newest road. The third Bridge linking us to Brisbane and all points South. This Bridge has been named the Ted Smout Bridge after Brisbane’s Last surviving Anzax. (Meaning he fought at Anzax Cove in Gallipoli during the First World War). Alas Ted died recently and didn’t get to see the opening but was very chuffed to have it given his name!

It wasn’t until I got these into the computer that the blue sjy displayed the number of motes evident in the photo, I hope that I have cloned them out successfully, but wasn’t happy. I have since cleaned the lense as well as I could and that only remove one spot from my test shot so I steeled my nerve cleaned the Mirror, then did a Mirror Lock – Up and gave a few swipes with my artic butterfly. Which the Tech warned against, went back out and did another test and Nada, Nix < Nothing, not a spot. Nerve wracking but gets the job done. Now I won’t tack the lens off Ol’ Bess!


9 Responses to “Old Camera Road Test!”

  1. Chesney said

    LOL, that has happened to me more than once! I love the depth the street lamps create!

  2. Hey if you kiss the “toad test” will it turn into a new camera??

  3. Judi Clark said

    Nice road test shots! For a foreigner to your lands, they say so much. That you have an honest to goodness bike lane (2nd photo) for highway travel is so civilized! And I like the bend in the road in the first photo and that you show KM speed.

    Also, you are a brave soul to clean your own mirror!

    • danudin said

      Not only the mirror but the CCD as well, that was where at leasy 20 bits of dust was.

      • Judi Clark said

        I didn’t even know you could clean the CCD! You say it is an old camera, what is it?

      • danudin said

        It is a Nikon D70s The instructions I got said to lock up the mirror (which reveals the CCD) it was in doing that that I noticed dust on the mirror first – about 5-6 motes, then went after the 20 on the ccd it self. The Arctic Butterfly doesn’t touch the Mirror or the ccd, it spins the brush which carges the bristles so you only bring it close to the object and the dust is drawn onto the brush. I am terrified each time I have had to do it.

  4. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    Great pictures, I love that blue sky in the background. Your bridge looks lovely. Have a great day!


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