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Sky reflects sand

Posted by danudin on August 7, 2010

Scarborough: while driving around at the Northern most Tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula, I notice this interesting cloud formation and thought – Hope I can catch that!

So getting out near the beach, I noticed the tide was out and got distracted by the way the texture of the clouds seemed to mimic the texture of the sand/mud flats in front of me.

The first shot was facinf NorNor East, towards the only patch of blue in the sky that day. I took a couple more shots but this turned out best I think.

As I turned to leave, luckily I did a left turn and noticed the different colour of the flats towards the West Nor West, the scalloping was still evident to the eye but not as pronounced without the blue to contrast it.


6 Responses to “Sky reflects sand”

  1. Both very interesting images!

  2. Judi Clark said

    That blue one with clouds and sand forming the same shape is really special. Good catch! The second one is interesting just to see how much the color/view changes.

  3. Chesney said

    What a difference a turn makes! I am in love w/ that first image…the textures are incredible, a definite framer!

  4. ~Val said

    Love the first one – not sure I would have caught the sky/sand correlation. Good eye to catch it!

  5. I am amazed at the difference a 90 degree turn made! I love the light in the second shot and also the added foreground interest the tidal puddle and rocks provide. For me, the hills in the background add an intrigue of sorts. That’s an admirably composed image and one which I wish I’d taken…. 🙂

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