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Back to Roma St. Parklands

Posted by danudin on August 2, 2010

Ultimately my reason for going back to the Roma St. Parklands was to Photograph the Magnolia tree blossoms I was expecting. Well when I got there Nada, Nix, Nil, Nothing so I asked a park worker and he said he was surprised that I got the one I got as it must have been the last of the season, then he said come back in late October! So I snapped a bud and trudged off dejectedly, which was lucky cause with my head down I espied these two little Ducklings!  I estimate as no  more than a week old, sitting on this lake retention wall so Snap (Got em) Moved above them Snap (Got em) but so small, this wasn’t a job for the 50mm lens, time for switcho changeo (Thanks Mark). On with the 70-300mm lens and just as I was about to get back into position and get a close up, a Bloody woman banged against the rail and they were off! My first 5 years in the Army were as a Trooper (Armoured Corps) and I can swear like one, so I turned the sharp edge of my tongue on this brain dead Moron who admitted she had seen what i was doing.  So the larger images show them afloat and feeding on insects at the pond edge and around the pontoon or whatever the rusty thing is. Boy were they cute.


5 Responses to “Back to Roma St. Parklands”

  1. WoW!! Headline # 2, Ron went on a mission the shoot blossoms, what next?? Great duckling pic`s!! Really like the one with the wake behind them!

  2. See, what you have to do is get an education about those smelly things….especially when they are supposed to bloom. Now you have to make another trip back in October!

    I imagine that woman making all the noise to scare the little birds away is wishing she had ear plugs! But you got some great shots before that. You did what I do…take shots immediately, even if too far away, then work up closer and closer…always hoping they stick around long enough to get that really close-up shot. They really are cute when little.

  3. Judi Clark said

    Ron, whatever made you decide to go back for the Magnolia tree blossoms? Is that 50mm making you think the smelly things just might interesting after all?

    So, glad you caught the ducklings… and curse the noisy woman! I was waiting for the close-up.

    • danudin said

      I promised to go back in my previous post on it, they still stink! I have even noticed that fresh air smells funny these days do you think I should get away from the computer for a while?

  4. These look suspiciously like Tammy’s little ducky – I’m surprised they were able to report back to her so quickly!

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