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More Brissie Scenes

Posted by danudin on July 23, 2010


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Brisbane Cityscapes

Posted by danudin on July 22, 2010

I could have cloned out the powerlines in the first image but thought it would be a good exercise to show why I chose to shoot the landscape first. I have a few Brisbane Cityscapes to show before I head off to the Botanuc Gardens on Saturday.

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Four Granite Blocks, Great Art

Posted by danudin on July 21, 2010

Wasn’t sure how to display this or how to photograph, it either really.

Absolutely no way I could capture these four granite blocks, using my 50mm lens, in any way that made sense or even worked, so I had to resort to sanpping what I thought of as the major elements of this art work.

I suggest enlarging the fourth photo first as it shows what appears to be a pebble thrown into a pool and the overflow running down the side. I could have started with that one but the order I have displayed them is how I encountered them and thought you would enjoy the trip I had. How someone concieved of taking rough granite and smoothing it to look like water, is beyond me, but I am so glad they did, the art concepts are enthralling – to me. The last two shots are of the same surface, where I had maybe moved a foot to the right, to get the light differently. The rippling wave design of the surface reflected the light pole directly opposite the block as well as the white car parked across the road pn two different outcomes with just a small move. Next time I go there I will take an 18mm lens and try and get the 4 together.

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For Judi

Posted by danudin on July 21, 2010

Guess it pay to pay tribute to the faithful so, here are some Desert Flowers from the Roma St Parklands for Hudi, who I am led to believe loves em. Tomorrow I will be starting a small series on Brisbane St scenes, but when I get some time today I plan on posting about 7 shots of some street Art that I found enthralling!

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Gap in the World Wide Web

Posted by danudin on July 20, 2010

If you find your links being dropped and your emails banking up I think I found the problem.

However I think the technicians are going to deal with it!

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Brissie Pubs

Posted by danudin on July 20, 2010

No way I can match the oppulence of Mike (Boomer)’s hangouts but not wanting to be left behind totally, I thought it best to show some classy pubs, you may need to enlarge these but the names are the give away, especially in the first two. The third shot is for you Yankees, it’s the Hollywood Bar and Grill. You can easily identify it by the cow and calves outside – and thats no BULL!

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Final Focus Fade

Posted by danudin on July 19, 2010

This is my third attempt at having the focus diminish into the distance, as Julie suggested, inspite of liking the end result, I have absolutely no idea what this represets. At first I thought it was artistic remdering, that I was not sophisticated enough to determine, but the closer I look, the more I think that there was something there before and when they ripped it down they just left the rendering, and said “The Punters will never know”!

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Focus – refocused

Posted by danudin on July 18, 2010

Another oportunity presented itself when I found this scree littered cliff face at the Roma St Parklands. Gotta keep practicing, I tried to get the shot looking back the other way but the angles were wrong. Regardless I liked the look of the cliff itself in this shot!

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Posted by danudin on July 17, 2010

Fortitude Valley Brisbane is one of the more Colourful suburbs of Bisbane. Plenty of Nightlife, and Mystique is one of those night spots, you don’t need to know what they have to offer, that is part of the Mystique! I have been taking in Julies comments and when I saw this Club front hoarding, I thought it a good place to try out her ideas, so I set the focal distance to 8′ and 5 ‘ respectively. There was a third shot but I had not got the shutter speed right and even moving to ISO 400 the 1/3200 shot was slightly out of focus and a tad too dark. These shots @ 1/1250 turned out spiffing to my eye. I hope Julie sees the bleed of focus left to right as she suggested, because this was fun to get these shots as this was avery busy sidewalk just down from the railway station entrance and waiting for the pedestrians to pass was an exercise in itself.

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Final Redcliffe 50mm Test shots

Posted by danudin on July 16, 2010

Cleaning up before  publishing shots I took Wednesday.  First the unique look of Ghost Gum Bark. Second Low Tide in the  Newport Canal Estate. Several shots of a Super Sports car. Princess the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and finally some shots collaged to show different exposures in the canal estate.

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