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Brisbane Streets and Techniqe Lesson

Posted by danudin on July 31, 2010

I loved the angles I was able to get in the first shot which was more dramatic than the full shot of the Victory Theatre Sign I took from the other side of the road. Having just the fixed lens though really benefited from the early hour and lack of traffic, I was standing half way across the second lane of the road when I took this, ah feet cropping. The second shot shows Edward Street heading for the Botanic Gardens right on 7am – So Quiet.

The other day Snow (My Cat) yelled out “Hey Ron – wanna learn a beaut Photography technique? it’s known as Out of Frame or OOF and lots of people like it, this is the easy method!” “oh and it would look even cooler if you added a drop shadow – Try it!”

Clever Cat that!


4 Responses to “Brisbane Streets and Techniqe Lesson”

  1. LOL – that clever cat!!! I do love her demonstration of the OOF technique! The other two shots are pretty spectacular too – those angles are stunning and the composition of the early AM shot is pretty nice too.

  2. Sheila said

    I love the second shot the most – so clear and crisp – Is that what an Aussie Winter Day is like? Snow can still teach the ole dog new tricks — can’t beat it!

  3. Bobbie said

    I love the angles in the TORY shot.

  4. Mike said

    Ron, I think you’ve been framed! By the cat that is. How could you fall for that old feline trick? I wonder if the kitty felt even slightly boxed in:)

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