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Before the Photowalk

Posted by danudin on July 29, 2010

Notwithstanding that people are busy, and I can see that people are having a look, I get the feeling that the lack of comments means that the 50mm test was not the success that I thought it was1 (Thank you to those who have commented – Your loyalty and kindwords are really appreciated)

In any event I have been pondering why my attitude on the Photowalk was not as up-beat as it usually is and going through these wonderfull shots of Early Morning Deserted (almost) Brisbane, I remembered the alarm I felt when discovering this Single Ladies shoe laying in the gutter. It struck me as so out of place that I just had to try and capture the feeling. So I took about four shots in the dimly lit street, with the tall buildings blocking what light the ovecast sky was letting through, then gave up and used my flash. Lessened the effect but got the shot. As I stepped away with a queasy feeling a burly construction worker enquired in a most colloquial fashion as to what I was doing? So I told him of the one shoe, he went a little pale and replied “was it Black? with a chunky heel?” I said it was and he told me that he thought it’s mate had been found inside the confines of the construction site where he was working. He said he would call the Police to see what they wanted to do, but it left me in a sombre mood for a few days after. So if the sombreness has overpowered my photography too, I apologize, but like all tropical tubers – I Yam what I Yam!


14 Responses to “Before the Photowalk”

  1. ~Val said

    Hey, Ron. My comments are down, too. Part of that is Tammy and Julie are on vacation (ha). Keep at it. You’re improving your work even if you don’t have an audience!

    I really like the light on the first shot, and the leading arrows coming INTO the second. Usually your eye is drawn out of the photo; I think it’s unique to see one where it’s drawn IN, instead.

    As to the shoe story…what happened?? I love a good mystery (and hope this one was nothing more than a girl having an argument with her friends and storming out of her shoes…) and wonder if you learned the resolution?

    • danudin said

      No Val, I don’t know what happened, the guy said there was no-one there just the second shoe, possible scenarios are a worry though, hope your guess is right!

  2. KarenB said

    Hi Ron, I think everyone is on vacation! The last week in July and first week in August are heavy vacation weeks for Americans. You’ve really captured that forlorn feeling in these photos. I really like the one with the arrows on the empty street. There is something definitely creepy in a deserted city and that one shoe gives me the shivers.

    • danudin said

      Thanks Karen, it wasn’t a complaint, I just had a feeling something was wrong with my recent SK Photowalk Shots and got to wondering on the cause. The photos were fine but I suspected the topics.

  3. I have been checking in whilst on vacation and have enjoyed the explorations into your manual 50mm lens. But, if I spend time commenting on blogs, my family will likely leave me at home next summer. Family time must prevail!

  4. Sheila said

    Hey Ron – I’m here and have been checking in but sometimes my connections have failed while commenting! I’m still away from home but have left Nova Scotia and our friend Grant and his family behind.
    To your pictures – I have found that finding that shoe is most distressing especially with the comments of the construction worker! You need to get back to your beautiful landscapes and bring the light!

  5. I didn’t find your photos to be dark topics, and even the shoe is one that really makes one think so it has impact. I’ve been busy catching up on a number of things and have been remiss in my comments across the board. I must say, I was quite surprised to see that you haven’t been to the village to comment on not one, but two photos posted of me – one my DH took of me and Eddie, and one that Eddie took of me, complete with his Wild Turkey revelations listed just for you!

  6. Judi Clark said

    Ron, I think your 50mm tests were very successful and I enjoyed them. Sometimes I don’t comment because I don’t really have much to add. But maybe I should at least give you a thumbs up, so you know. My comments have been down too — its funny how much we come to depend on that feedback.

    I’m curious about your somber mood as well. I’ll go back through your photo walk photos (again, I’m supposed to be getting off the computer for that movie) tomorrow and look at them from how you started your day. It is jarring to see a lone item like that and it isn’t hard to imagine the worse. But maybe the women was just having the time of her life (o.k. maybe she was higher than a kite) and kicked off her shoes. One ended where you saw it and the other in the construction site.

    • danudin said

      I hope your right Judi, as for the photos, There doesn’t seem to be the normal Fun and irreverence in them that I normally strive for, except maybe for the cyclist doing 30 in a 10kmh zone, which also is darkish!

  7. victry1 said

    Hang in there, Ron! I thought your 50mm photos were excellent!! (thought I made a comment, but maybe not). During the warmer months I am outside a lot so more or less do a lot less computing. Hope you find the mystery of the shoe. I see lots of lone shoes around and always wonder how they got there. Haha.

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